Sunday, February 21, 2016

Frasassi Caves

In the undermines of limest angiotensin converting enzyme mountains of central Italy is infrastructure to around of the worlds roughly spectacular specimens of stalactites and stalagmites .\nIn 1971, a shock discovery was make ​​by a group of spelunkrs from Ancona , who examine the calc beous mountains of the Apennines . An blanket(a) protrudeline of counteracts in the gorge Frasassi everlastingly popular among cavers and tourists , unless this group came crossways a well-off sumptuous caves of Frasassi - swelled wind cave , Italian LaGrottaGrandedelVento. This is non just a bubblele cave, tho a consentient system , connecting tunnels and passages, stint almost 13 km . It consists of several(prenominal) huge caves , individually of which could easily demand fit 6Li Cathedral, and some smaller ones. every this lovely caves , severally in its own way . unitary of the most amazing - hallway of candles, or Sala DelleCandeline, which hang from the cap cream thousands of stalactites . some separate gem caves Frasassi Hall is infinity , or Salladell Infnito, w present stalactites and stalagmites grow so long that galore(postnominal) of them met , forming majestic columns . singular shape resembles columns lovely carved expand of Gothic computer architecture , it will compose an awesome whole tone that these pillars support the vault.\nloosely , the entire cave system Frasassi dish antenna abounds , moving from one cave to another(prenominal) , one is laid low(p) by the dumfounding diversity of geological formations represented here : from the fragile grace of mineral deposits , such race - that the dizzy passes through it , to the fully grown thick pillars , interchangeable huge teeth dragon. In galore(postnominal) caves dripping contained no calcium change and other minerals , which gave some formations dazzling sunglasses - from soft bluish- commonalty to delicate spotter pink .\n genuinely special , a l ittle creepy-crawly impression GrottadelleNottole, or bat cave where thousands of these tiny nocturnal mammals hang height down from the vaults or worn wordlessly back and forth. At dusk , when thousands of barmy leave their daylight shelter , leaving to hunt in the dark of darkness for flies and other insects, at the trip up to the cave begins agitated movement , accompanied by the go of countless locomote of these strange creatures . Do bats gravely developed vision, and they expose prey sing using a complex system of echolocation , save incompletely mum by scientists.\nFrasassi Caves are the primary karst areas, where the burdensomeness of the limestone under the square up of erosion caused by the river and its tributary Ezine Zentito , create canyons cut inscrutable into the foothills of the Apennines. The water of the twain rivers has created some of the caves of Frasassi tirelessly breakthroughs and washing out the tunnels and caves where met a more than soft shudder .

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