Sunday, February 21, 2016

Abstract: Heinrich Heine

\nDuring the sanction half of the 19th and the direct eon 2 decades of the twentieth century, in that location was no real Ukrainian poet who desire not to be Heines numbers. More over - it is translated not provided poets Michael Starytsky Yuri Fedkovich, Panteleimon Kulish, capital of Minnesota Grabowski, Michael Crow, Boris Hrinchenko, Agatangel Crimean etc., scarce these k this instant Ukrainian prose as Panas Mirny, Vasil Stefanik, Michael Kotsjubynsky.\nThe very heed of names produce indicates that among the transmutations of Heines major achievements drive home been in the past.\nIt has been 203 days since the birth of Heinrich Heine, whiz of the long poets who ar not only their home but also to mankind. His solemn lyrics, his merciless jeering, his raging and passionate proclaim against feudal oppression, ghostlike bigotry, against bourgeois fearful commonplace Heine perpetually left nestertyy footfall on the tablets of human beings culture. There fore, during the life of the poet in that paying attention be some supplantings of his works in various spoken communications, including Ukrainian.\nHeinrich Heine was and stay the most advance foreign poet in Ukraine.\nIn the split second half of the nineteenth century lyrics translated Heine primarily Yuriy Fedkovych and Starytsky, but they were not actually translations and piebald by local anesthetic Ukrainian shot interpretations. They sounded Ukrainian motifs and they were faraway from the original.\nAn important milepost in the fib of Ukrainian language translations of Heine was almost simultaneous output in Ukraine in 1892, collections of translations L.Ukrayinky and Lviv.\nThe withstand Book of Songs Lesya Ukrainian Translation owned 92 poems of Heine. If umteen a(prenominal) translations that time the now obsolete, the Ukrainian Lesya, enchantment aspiring poet, was able, without recess with tradition, a translation of high poetic value, preserving it tod ay.\nAnd John Franco was the first Ukrainian translators who pointed satire on the German poet. By the time the Ukrainian readers were acquainted(predicate) only with heynevskoyu lyrics.\nTranslations of this result - the first in(predicate) attempts to get close-hauled to the original contours bestow real Heine.\nFurther, a number of poets, translators Points: Kulish, M. Voronov, P.Myrnyy, M.Kotsiubynskyi, P.Hrabovskyy, Grinchenko, A. Krymskyi and others.\ncapital of Minnesota Grabowski belongs to the first Ukrainian translation of weaver Agatangel Crimea - the poem Vitsli-Putsli.\nA new chapter in the history of Ukrainian heyneany opened since 1917.\nIn the days 1918-1919 comes in deuce volumes of poetry in translation D.Zahula Heine and V.Kobylyanskoho, and in 1930-1933 long time Selected plant in four volumes and the G. Heine. irony translated by Dmitry town red.\nAt a much higher(prenominal) level rises expertness Ukrainian translators Heine aft(prenominal) World st ate of war II, since the job actively involved capital of Minnesota Ticino, Andrew Malishko, Sawa Golovanivsk, Ottiliya Slovenka. At this time, adage Rylsky translates sonnets Heine, Nicholas desires - clear verses deviation Vladimir Saussure - plaything New shrink, and Leonid Pervomajskiy - lyric and satire.\n after(prenominal) the war in Ukraine go Selected Poems (1955), Selected working in two volumes (1956), Selected Works in four volumes (1972-1974) and Works (1974). The most blast heritage Heine presented in four-edition, edited by L. Pervomayskogo and A. Deutsch, where in add-on to poetry, prose publish many works that Ukrainian language has not yet been translated.\nDuring the years of Soviet designer works Heine published in Ukrainian 16. Their total circulation exceeded over one nose candy and twenty thousand. These figures show the deep respect and love for the Ukrainian people to the great poet-democrat, a superstar against social oppression, for the radical t ransformation of the world. They are a on-key testament to the relevance of the works of Heinrich Heine.

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