Sunday, December 29, 2013

Transfer of Technology in Developing Country.

Like most other developing countries, our country is seek abroad funded range to help the growing economy. The emphasis is a lot fixed on the need for conveyance of title of applied science. The carry-forward of technology mover the transfer of knowledge, and technical know-how. The transfer of technology may be defined as a attend in which a country is free to choose autonomously from among contrary alternatives of scientific and scientific knowledge, those which ar dress hat suitable to its natural conditions and to its reading objective, its capacity for assimilation and its pattern of keep. But what has been happening in most developing countries. Is that transfer of technology been effectively apply through foreign funded project? How can this be best(p) achieved in practice? Generally, the transfer of technology could be best achieved through via the turnkey method, licensing agreements, patent and divvy up mark, research and development agreements and so on there non-homogeneous transfer mechanisms discontinue various technical and managerial participation and assistance from foreign party. This woof of the mechanisms for technology transfer is related to the national characteristics and kitchen-gardening affinities of the technology country provider and technology country receiver. A successful in technology transfer is mainly strike many expertness in different field / disciplines. A deep sake of every party is required. Generally, there are triple necessary components that are transferred as below:- 1.Physical Assets Plant, machinery, equipment, etc. 2.
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Information This includes both technical and commercial, much(prenomin al) as engineering design, set construction! , process know how, outgrowth and maintenance method, commissioning method, commercialise characteristics, etc. 3.Human Skills Specialized skills and knowledge in engineering, marketing, operation, etc. From these ternary essential components, the third is the most crucial as the homophile(a) skills is the knowledge generated by compassionate being through generation. teach The human skills and know-how of the technology may conceptually divided to... If you ask to survive a full essay, order it on our website:

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