Sunday, December 29, 2013

Alkanes & Alkenes

Alkanes Physical properties: The chemistry of vitamin C paper compounds is called fundamental chemistry. in that location argon millions of organic chemical substances, entirely they can be split up into groups called homological series. solely members of a particular series allow for have analogous chemical properties and can be delineate by a general formula. The paraffin series series is the simplest homologous series. The main solution of alkanes is from crude oil. Alkanes argon covalent compounds. They be hydro speed of lights, which means they obtain hydrogen and carbon. The general formula for an alkane is . Properties and uses of alkanes: Name of alkane:          melt down point oC:          stewing point oC:         Density g/cm3:          bring up at direction temperature: Methane CH4         -182         -162         0.42          bobble Ethane C2H6         -183         -88         0.55         Gas Propane C3H8         -188         -42         0.58         Gas Octane C8H18         -57         126         0.72         Liquid The first four alkanes atomic number 18 mess upes at room temperature. Alkanes with 5-17 carbon atoms are liquids. Alkanes with 18 or more carbon atoms are solids. As the number of carbon atoms increases, the break up points, boiling points and densities increases. They are insoluble in water moreover dissolve in organic solvents such as benzene. Their chemical reactivity is poor.
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The C-C bond and C-H bond! are very bullocky so alkanes are not very reactive. They will hold up out inflameion. Burning alkanes in air (oxygen) produces water and carbon dioxide. The reactions are very ex some othermic (give out agitate energy), so alkanes in crude oil and natural gas are widely used as heating fuels. For shell: If alkanes combust in too little air, carbon monoxide may form. This is heavy and can cause death. Cracking alkanes The lighter fractions (for example, petrol) are in giant demand. The heavier fractions are not so useful but alas chemists have to be able to veer these heavier fractions into petrol and other useful products, due to... If you want to micturate a liberal essay, order it on our website:

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