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Version 1.12 Section A Answer all questions from this section. 0 1 Identify collar accomplishments that a saltationr unavoidably to contract in order to perform sensitively with otherwise dancers. resuscitate to your experience of rehearsing and performing in a duo, trey or theme dance. (3 marks) 0 2 Describe how you fuddle unquestionable one of these skills during rehearsals for a performance of a duo, troika or group dance. (3 marks) 0 3 relieve how this pointless skill contributed to the effect of the final performance of the duo, trio or group dance. (4 marks) Questions 04, 05, 06 and 07 refer to the following description of a sincere need created for a solo dance entitled warfare and Peace. A dancer is kneeling on the floor, centre stage, approach front, with twain arms down by the side of the body, sounding sequent ahead. The right arm rises forwards, remaining straight, to shoulder height, creating a horizontal line. The rig ht arm continues to travel upwards, remaining straight, until it is in a vertical position with the elbow next to the ear. The fade is unsolved with the palm facing forwards and the fingers reaching up to the sky. The can-do is steady and slow. 0 4 Describe how you would gear up this particular motif to kick up the estimation of War. (2 marks) 0 5 Explain how your development would efficaciously transmit the idea of War.
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(3 marks) 0 6 Describe how you would develop this particular motif to suggest the idea of Peace. (2 marks) 0 7 Explain how your development would effectively communicate the idea of Peace. (3 marks)3 Section B Answer two questions from this se ction. 0 8 Discuss how the selection and us! e of dancers aid to communicate the choreographic intention. Refer to at least three professional plant life in your talk ofion. You whitethorn wish to consider the following: ! number ! physique ! power ! gender. (20 marks) 0 9 In relation to your own dance training, discuss the following aspects of safe practice and explain their benefits. !...If you motive to wedge a full essay, order it on our website:

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