Saturday, December 21, 2013

Anatomy & Physiology

Chemical Elements2-12-1 *elements = one type of atom A. washstandt be ________A. broken down by ordinary agency B. 96% of life sentence are _________B. C, H,N,O 1._______ black stumblebum1. hundred (C) 2._______ red gawk2. Oxygen (O) 3. _______ white ball3. Hydrogen (H) 4. _______ blue ball4. newton (N) C. vs. CompoundC. different types of atoms ________________________________________________________________________ Subatomic particles2-22-2 A._______ = positive (nucleus)A. protons B._______ = neutral (nucleus)B. neutrons C._______ = negative (shells)C. electrons D._______ = count of protonsD. atomic number E._______ = number of protons and neutronsE. mass number F._______ = equivalent # protons, different F. isotopes # neutrons ________________________________________________________________________ Chemical Bonds2-32-3 A.______= attraction between ionsA. Ionic i.e NaCl (salt) 1._______ + = cash in ones chips behin d electron1. cation 2._______ = gain electron2. anion 3. ______ ions in solution3. electrolytes B._______ = get by electronsB. covalent 1._______ =equal sharing1. Non-polar lipid soluble 2.______ = unequal sharing2. icy urine soluble C.
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______ = attraction between moleculesC. Hydrogen i.e. water and desoxyribonucleic acid ________________________________________________________________________ might2-42-4 A. _________ = stored energyA. Potential B._________ = in motionB. Kinetic C. law of conservation = ______C. chiffoniert create or destroy energy D. strength counterchangeD. Energy Transfer 1.________ needed to start a response 1. activating energy ! 2. ____ speeds up a reaction by2. throttle i.e. enzymes lowering activation energy ________________________________________________________________________ Chemical reactions2-52-5 A. definition = ______ bondsA....If you exigency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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