Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mass Media Coverage Of Agric Information

Following the change in the agriculture policy of Nigeria, which began in the mid 1980, the awareness and adoption of verdant innovations through working(a) auction pitch system depended on the extent to which agricultural innovations were adequately disseminated, accepted and implemented by the target audience. This study evaluated stilt media (Radio, Television, and Newspaper) coverage of agricultural schooling in Makurdi local regimen state of Benue State. Data were collected from 120 respondents who were randomly selected from Makurdi Local disposal Area using a structured questionnaire. Objected I to VI were analyzed using descriptive statistics while accusive septet was analyzed using Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) and paired try on t- test. The result of the ANOVA test showed that the coverage of agricultural culture by the mass media was statistic totallyy significant (p

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