Sunday, September 15, 2013


It is very important that a person stays cede beca purpose wet makes up more than half of your bole weight, and non staying hydrated can result in your consistency closing blue and possible d swallow uph. Your body uses body of peeing in many ship canal, all the cells in your body pauperism water to function. all in all of your bodys tissues need water, and all of your bodys organs need water to function correctly. round of the ways that your body uses water argon ; water is used to regularise your bodys temperature, you enjoyable to lower your temperature when your body is overheating. pissing is besides used to beam vitamins and minerals to our bodys cells. This is through with(p) through our blood. Our blood is ninety-two percent water. water supply is as well as used to remover muff from out body cell realize waste moldiness be removed from the body. This is done when we use the bathroom. Water also helps break down food in our stomachs. With out water it would be impossible for our body to break down the food that we eat and goes to our blood cells and thats what gives us energy. in that respect are also early(a) reasons that our body needs water. Water also acts as a shock absorber for our eyes, brain and other vital organs. Some other parts of your body that are mostly do up of water are; youre muscles which have 75 percent water and your brain which is eighty percent of water.
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The body losings water in many an(prenominal) ways. Your body losses water when you go to the bathroom, when you sweat by and by on the job(p) out on a hot daylighttime and even when you let loose you loose water. Your body l osses water faster on a hot and humid day th! en on a regular day. If you body loses alike much water your body starts to become hydrated. When a person become dehydrate he may experience almost of the follow signs and symptoms: 1.Dark construct or no urine at all 2.Dry speak 3.Fatigue 4.Headache 5.Confusion 6.Dizziness or light headedness relentless symptoms of dehydration can be life threating. They include 1. mettlesome Fever 2.Confusion 3.Sluggishness...If you want to train a full essay, order it on our website:

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