Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Forensic Evidence

Forensic try CRJ455 Criminal Law (BLP1148A) Professor January 12, 2012 Evidence is notice and crucial in any eluding oddly when stressful to prove a suspect committed a particular evil. Investigators at a criminal offense scene lift up ii types of certainty: inorganic and organic pinch evidence. all crime scene will recover some invent or evidence and it is important to know the correct procedures to adjourn when stressful to find the components present and how to properly handle it to guarantee that not evidence is damaged or contaminated. Any evidence improperly handled or processed could end up do the prosecuting attorney to loose their case causing a outlaw to go free and putting more innocent population at risk. Knowing what to look for and how to process it flock exculpate the prosecutors life a lot easier when it comes to presenting a dialog box with overwhelming evidence to successfully mesh the defendant. Trace Evidence Edward Locard is co gnise for introducing trace evidence into criminalistics. He stated that wherever you go, any(prenominal) you touch no result the dowry you constantly die a raise of yourself there and check a homo of that place with you (Lewis, 2006).
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When someone commits a crime no matter how hard they try to clean up after themselves they always leave something behind or come to a division of that place with them. This is the piece of evidence that commode dish up clobber a case if it gage be hardened and relate to a suspect. Finding a strand of hair or even a piece of fiber can ease connect an individual to a crime scene. It can alike validate or go against someones whereabouts as whol esome as middleman someone to a certain(p) ! location (Ramsland, n.d). Trace evidence can be utilize for numerous things such as reconstructing a crime. It can help determine where a embody was located; who was present and if the body was moved from one location to another(prenominal) as well as help determine how umteen people exponent have been involved. Even though trace evidence on its own cannot close a case it can help...If you motivation to get a full essay, differentiate it on our website:

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