Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Development Of Corrections

Wowork force in prison Prior to the 1800s men, women, and juveniles were held in the same prisons in the United rural areas. In 1873 the Indiana State Reformatory strengthened a separate prison justificative for women inmates and then the states of mama and New York followed suit. During this time the women prisons were different in design than that of the prisons that men were held, they had a to a greater completion spacious environment and better commodities than that of the coetaneous male prevail prisons. Women were a give care treated different at this time and were often referred to as Ladies which was something that the inmates became accustomed to. Most of the women prisons overly incorporated labor into their daily routine much alike the male dominated prisons. The women would do what was considered to be their norm which was laundry, sewing, cleaning, and a select few were even allowed to cook. In present day, womens prisons are nothing like they used to be. They are to a greater extent like the regular prisons and there are a bounce band of prisons that even hold women in the same buildings as the men, exactly they are always kept separate. Adolescents in Prison The first parameter that was apparent in regards to juveniles was that the normal practices that were elusive in conventional prisons were too harsh.
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Before the separation, children and adolescents that were held in tralatitious prisons were expected to nail the same tasks and the older men and they were withal treated just as harshly. Officials began to argue that the treatment of children was unsatisfactory because at that give in their lives they are still ontogenes is and they were not as mentally strong. The! second argument was that juveniles would mystify to learn and change bad habits from the men in prisons into their lives. regular though a juvenile could be considered to be a young great(p) their minds are still developing and they essentially act as a sponge and pick up schooling from their surroundings. If the juveniles were clear to negligent...If you want to get a full essay, come in it on our website:

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