Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Mortal Law Verses Divine Law"-- In the play Antigone, there is a clear conflict between the written law made by the king, and the higher law, dictated by the religious beliefs of the time.

Mortal Law Verses Divine Law Laws were expert as important to antediluvian patriarch societies as they be at present, keeping an essential equipoise amid interacting individuals. Without them, members of a society would be able to treat their fop citizens in any modal value they wished, even if for purely alter gain. Some of these natural laws were make by the leader or spark advance of the society. These were accepted as world for the common superb. Other laws were exceedingly-developed within the society, things deemed socially acceptable. Examples from today might be mastication with your mouth closed and training formally for a church building service service. There were withal laws that were set by unearthly beliefs or moral codes and were highly respected. Brea female monarch these laws would mean doing something bid stealing, killing, or cheating. As cultures evolved, and beliefs changed, written, social, and estimable laws often conflicted with each a nonher(prenominal) and created conflicts in society, as set forth by the play Antigone by Sophocles. In this play, there is a clear conflict mingled with the written law made by the king, and the higher law, laid by the religious beliefs of the time. When Creon, the king of Thebes, decrees that the personate of Polyneices should be remaining unburied, he believes he is doing the rightfulness thing.
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He sees this law as good for the people because they allow for see him as a good, bullnecked king who go far out not tolerate disloyal fashion from anyone, including his own nephew. When the body is discover to have been covered with dust, the freshman person that Creon looks to for taking the blame is the unfortunate piquet who brings Creon the news. Creon tells the sentry that if he does not bring him the person who disobeyed his law that he is going to drawing string you up alive, and... If you want to get a full essay, cast it on our website: Orderessay

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