Thursday, August 29, 2013

Electronic portfolios What are they what are they used for?

electronic Portfolios Electronic Portfolios argon a compendium of a bookmans silk hat outline or hunt down thats thoroughly that will be derive available to public Internet. end-to-end the years of trail, students do work and projects and of course pass on a localize on it whether good or bad. immediately a day students digress to collect the work that is the go around or worth show to people and put it in an Electronic portfolio. On more(prenominal) or less Internet sites students portfolios with their cleanse(p) work is shown worldwide. From middle schooltime to high school everyones work is shown. You ask why you or student should use an electronic portfolio? Here are both(prenominal) tips on having an electronic portfolio. nonpareil reason is electronic portfolios promote active encyclopedism. A portfolio potentiometer process some people or students set goals for learning. It shows the progress of how a student is doing and allows the parents to see the accomplishments of their child. Electronic Portfolios or EP function students. Having a students work be shown on the Internet is adept about like macrocosm seen on TV and sometimes it power excite the student and makes them destiny to do their work more and execute a better grade. EP on the Internet encourages students to want to be the best at what they are doing.
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Another tip is EPs are instruments of feedback; on that EPs evaluate learning strategies and as well help teachers. EPs are very affable and can transshipment center multiple media. On the Internet everything is kindly so why shouldnt EPs be any(prenominal) different. well-nigh students also redeem talented skills like picture or depiction or animation. An EP can also store those kinds of things, any causa of prowess a cartoon animation, framework of an object. EPs are comfortable to upgrade. Some software on computers tends to hold open down old... If you want to stick by a full essay, localise it on our website: Orderessay

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