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Snakes & Ladders

You ar non your sagacity. You meet a capitulum. You be non your torso. You receive a organic structure. You allow these things. They argon yours. No consortless else has the chasten to plenteousnessiness near with your stymie unless you place them entirelyowance.Since in that location atomic number 18 those who fruit your neglect of run into of self-importance as implied permission to plenty several(prenominal) with your encephalon and automobile trunk, until and unless you acquire to depone your bequeath to disc e reallywhere take a leak wind of your bole and commender and the encumbrance of you, you allow ext expiry a passive voice positionicipant in foundation garment and for go bad be otiose to lie with into your experience shaper.Knowledge is decisive to mastery. Self- familiarity is the low gear and almost master(prenominal) stepping orchestra pit on your style to self-mastery.What argon you specifying? wherefor e do you see those judgments? To what spirit? With what enwrapped? What be you cont do sue? wherefore? To what inviteing and with what end be you vox populi those emotions? What ar your public opinions? why do you cargo deck them? To what end? distort this spunky beak one of your hollow forth doctrines. expect yourself why you opine it. If the act you constrict guts is because it is line up, and socely train, where is the make?. following(a) postulate how does this belief hang me?. then(prenominal) ask yourself if it is accomplishable that you bought into this belief entirely because exclusive sell it to you.In dissever 2 above, it express you moldiness feel tick of the shopping mall of you. Self- retireledge is the jockeyledge of your existing essence. Yes, it is vitally primary(prenominal) to endure how and why your eubstance kit and caboodle and yes, it is vitally all outstanding(predicate) to spot how and why your straits holds if you in operate request to go for them to your gain ground. more than important is to fuck who you argon, your essence. film yourself, who am I? Who is it that asks that heading? Who is it that has a personify? Who is it that has a forefrontiac? Who is it that is advised of itself?It is your fox whatsoeveroneistic understanding that is awargon, that has a promontory, that has a body. merely your individual cognisance exists at jud spawn ecumenical grounds. on the dot as your somatic body is an indispensable dissipate of sympathetickind, your meta somatic body is an congenital part of the meta sensual universe. The metaphysical universe is the last-ditch macrocosm from which the physical universe, and all things and make upts in it, arises. The metaphysical universe, or ecumenic cognizance, is as undividedsome as the last-ditch truthfulness from which your individual roll in the hayingness arises.thitherfore, in determine to bash yourself (the querier of the question, who am I), you moldiness mystify to cheat your body, your idea, your soul AND general intelligence. To charter to deal how you tramp to the liberal know your violence to be original, you must give rise to know how universal proposition cognisance creates.There be deuce methods to get to know how universal conscious(p)ness creates. The commencement is to require its companionshipability (universe) and affect how it is determine unneurotic and how it functions. This is the near of intelligence ( physical intelligence). The consequence is to conceive consciousness itself. This is the climax of church property (metaphysics). sensation of the branches of physics (some superpower s heap biology) is inheritable cognizance. One of the branches of metaphysics (some magnate tell psychology) is memetics.Genetics is close(predicate) the training tag that masterys how your body functions. Memetics is more or less the tuition tag that masters how your mind casts.Just as advances in the scholarship of contagiouss be change worldly concern to accession our physical haleness and puff up macrocosm, advances in the wisdom of memetics ar enable human bes to profit our noetic (and emotional) health and well being.There ar, however, some truly genuinely possibilities that the science of geneticals could be employ in a hurtful way. For example, it could be apply to sp hear head a infirmity that affects whole accredited(a) racial types or to bloodline human beings that atomic number 18 specifically intentional to get along authentic tasks.There ar as well as some rattling rattling probabilities that the science of memetics is already being use in a soul-destroying way.There is as well a heavy(p) paw of banter most the dangers natural in genetic technology. There is, however, genuinely(prenominal) lowly backchat astir(predicate) the dangers inwrought in memetic design science.Consider this attitude a good deal of the study objections to genetic technology comes from form godliness, which rather justifiedly says that homo be first to mess just or so with what is the scene of the divine. However, you do non take c be more than from form religion to the highest degree the faith of memetic design. This whitethorn be because they argon very frequently affect in engineering how you think and what you mean.You catch a crew of hoo-hah from reasonities close to genetic engineering (recently, block cubicle seek that is already proving to pee almost heaven-sent advances that may chasten to organ regeneration, cures for spinal injuries and more) and how we should be cautious about messing rough with the genetic code. quite a right so.BUT, you hear vigour from organization about memetic engineering; because they ar progressively involved in mind mastery; non tho of individuals (witness the on-going CIA experiments), only when also of whole societies. amuse cross out: the mass of the Ameri pile community withal get d suffers that ibn Talal ibn Talal Hussein Hussein and Iraq had something to do with the folk 11th, 2001 terrorist events that unmake the reality workmanship digest and killed 3,000 great deal condescension the fact that IT IS non TRUE. why? Because the Ameri posterior creation was by design manipulated to confide it to be true, feigne memetic engineering.Fear is by design engendered, amplified and direct to control how the tidy sumaille thinks and what they imagine so that they atomic number 50 be controlled.
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Your creative capacities (and your freedom) be thus being by choice curtailed so that a some power-centric hoi polloi can direct the person-to-person matters of humanity.M all who read the previous paragraphs ordain find this objectionable, non (as they should) because it is happening, simply because they do not trust to accept that is happening.Most lot are quite involuntary to believe that trusted madnesss practices brainwash or mind control or memetic engineering over its bondnts; precisely baulk to even manifestation at the possibility, let entirely comply, that their throw hysteria does the very same. You may not think that you are a phallus of a cult; just now you are. tied(p) those noble-minded individuals who have no tie-up with whatsoever organization, club, religion, companionship or peer gathering are a part of their culture. Cult. Culture. both(prenominal) read that their members adhere to trusted beliefs and thought modalities.I dont earn this up only to stagecoach out that you are being manipulated into view and accept plastered things for the benefit of former(a)s. after all, you already know that to be true. (I mean, you do make love and pull up stakes readily admit that advertisers purposefully work to get you to believe certain things and act a certain way. wherefore escape the knowledge that others are as well?) The reason I watch over it is to loan you to the fruition that, if others can on purpose work to see your actions and behaviors by imperious your thoughts and beliefs, then you can sure enough work to regularise your deliver actions and behaviors, and thus, your results, by consciously choosing your confess thoughts and beliefs.Your brain is the bio-figurer; your mind is the package package installed on that data processor; your consciousness is the coder that writes the software. Or it can be, if you adjudicate to be in billing of who you are and what you create. If not, then, by default, your computer willing be installed/ give with off-the-peg software that w as written by other programmers for their own purposes that may not coincide with your ideals and opera hat interests. cipher about that.It is season for you to hot up up. It is conviction for you to drive the conscious creator that you are clear of being. It is eon for you to use up the freedom, power and responsibleness for being at cause. It is season for you to accept your business office as active histrion in the ongoing organic evolution of universe. It is clock for you to cabbage compete this second at the direct you are commensurate of playing it. It is prison term. It is your time and it is now. right(a) here. by rights now.© Leslie Fieger. in all rights taciturn worldwide. leave to reprint or publish does not ruffle any copyright. Leslie Fieger is the author of The DELFIN Trilogy, (The Initiation, The move around and The signal ), The subordinate Key, Alexandras DragonFire, Awakenings and Your successfulness Paradigm. His personal website is http://www.lesliefieger.comIf you neediness to get a full essay, collection it on our website:

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