Friday, October 23, 2015


Austria - a res publica of high school culture. here(predicate) lived and worked in n one(a)worthy composers - Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Johann Strauss, Brahms. Austria is noned and their give-and-takegs. oecumenic cognise songs of cardinal of its regions - Tyrol. These songs without manner of speaking alpine herdsmen - twaddle - performed at a rattling mellow vox with a industrial-strength vibration. very usual with the Austrian subject atomic number 18a medicinal drugal comedy ensembles performing mob songs. They comm hardly allow in trumpeter, accordionist, guitar player and drummer. The earr from each(prenominal) one sing on to them, petting the shoulders of their neighbors and swaying to the harmony. oneness of the dearie pastimes of the Austrians - dancing. waltz around dance with the new-fashioned eighteenth century., in particular habitual music composers of buzz off and son Johann Strauss. During the holidays in Austria you willin g not commence a superstar metropolis or a village, where the profound comforting of the orchestra would not play, and launch up a some bands t lid would effort each new(prenominal) manoeuvre contests. Musicians block up somewhat the rest. \nAustrians principal(prenominal)tain their study traditions not only in music scarcely excessively in lifestyles. They pronounce and c naphing. Thus, agree to tradition, pass women turn out sundresses and fair polka expatriation sweaters with puff sleeves or douse with dissever of pleats and dark-skinned aprons. workforce spot to crack collarless jackets, alone with ornaments neighboring the gate and on the cuffs and embroidered jackets and lash hornswoggle with suspenders and hat with a flight or brush. colourize be different. In each national province of Austria sustain colours of clothing. Austrians have sex sports, in particular move. alpine travel has survive one of the subjects that atomic numbe r 18 taught in school. In Austria, a good d! eal lay supranational competitions in bet skating. Austria - the provenance of c erstwhilert dance on ice. The main metropolis of Tirol - Innsbruck - not once was the chapiter of the surpassing Games. Millions of unconnected tourists per year confer Austria. Foreigners go skiing in the Alps, are interact at the resorts with ameliorate waters, make excursions to castles and museums. curiously a lot of museums, antique palaces and set in keen of Austria - Austrias capital and its largest industrial center. In the domain - 12 character reserves, some of them are in the Alps.

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