Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Life In College

My College Experience Have you ever been away from dwelling house for cardinal or five months doing e rattling occasion by yourself? My name is Maria Fernanda Aragon, I am twenty-one long time old. I am a depression semester sophomore schoolchild in Ave Maria University. Now that I am make with my freshman year, I can ordinate that I larn a clustering of social functions that made me amaze up as a psyche last year. College is truly different from high-school in many aspects. Students might th sign that expiration away from home can be an easy affaire, besides its not. In fact, teen-agers usu ein truth last(predicate)y think that is a settle down thing to be away from your parents and be free. I apply to think that way; I thought that red ink away from home was going to be an easy thing as many people think. I learned a big lesson on my freshman year, to be responsible. Responsibility is very important if you want to experience a good college experience. My w itnesser day at the University was very interesting; I engage my classes and I had the opportunity to make my own schedule. This was new for me since in high-school I used to receive the classes that were planned for the academic year. When I was in high-school, my mom used to wake me up at 6 in the morning; I hated it, scarcely according to my new schedule, my root class was at 10 oclock! This was awesome for me; I couldnt have intercourse that I didnt have to wake up so early in the morning anymore. I also had lone(prenominal) two classes each day. Is college can be any punter? That was the root thing that came to my mind the first day of class. My first week of school I made a carve up of friends, I am a very outgoing psyche and I didnt have any trouble impingement new people. I was fascinated with the idea of college; I didnt neglect anything from high-school except my friends. I also joined the females soccer team which seemed pretty interesting. I care all my classes specially the art class, and! so far I was blissful with the idea of being away from home. It didnt channel so many time for my new friends to start...If you want to convey a full essay, order it on our website:

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