Saturday, February 8, 2014

Equal Rights Movement

Unit nine final| EQUAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT| SS310: Exploring the 1960s| Adam Rafalovich| Bobbie Roof| 6/17/2012| In the 1960s feminists argued that the discipline of psychology had neglected the study of wo custody and sexual weightlift and those women were depraved in research and theories. The first widely larn indictment of psychologys understanding of women written by a psychologist was Weissteins (1968, 1971) in this women were ridiculed as childlike, dependent, unassertive, and were interested exclusively in finding a husband and bearing children. Weissteins examples included, Bettelheims (1965, 9.15) statement that we must start with the realization that, as very much as we indispensableness women to be sizeable scientists or engineers, they take first and fore well-nigh to be matronly companions of men and to be mothers (American psychologist; 2012, vol. 67, Issue 3: Kaplan Library). The wave of feminist activism in the 1960s brought much attenti on to the discipline of psychology. The social unit concept of gender equality is the center of common-language definitions of feminism as Belief in the social, political, and frugal equality of the sexes and the driving force organize around this precept (feminism, 2007). The womens liberation movement was the most radical mid-sixties political and social movement. The womens movement challenged conventional knowledge: that men should control political and economic life and that women should help them as helpers by doing the housework and periodic child rearing. Women were calculated by their beauty, charm, and sexual restraint and that the men were measured by their accomplishments and by their power (Farber, D; 1994). Adlai Stevenson, the tolerant Democrat who ran double against Dwight Eisenhower for the presidency, spoke at Smith College, ane of the most honored womens schools and Stevenson told the graduating womens class that Women, oddly educated women, digest a unique opportunity to fascinate us! , man and boy. This...If you want to get a full essay, commit it on our website:

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