Friday, January 31, 2014

Write About The Saudi-qatari Stands On Iraq And What They Agree Or Disagree On?

This will compare and contrast Saudi and Qatari thresh on Iraq While the positions of the two aforementioned countries have more(prenominal) than in common , there are also more or less substantial divergencys1 ) Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia maintains fairly good dealing with the coupled States Nevertheless , the country often voices independent opinions any(prenominal) Iraki issue . Saudi leading are scare away at the escalating tensions in Iraq that pose a danger to neighborhoodal security department and prosperity . King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia , at the Arab League top side that took place on 28-30 attest 2007 , voiced his concern oer the deepening crisis in Iraq where ` broth is spilled between brothers under an illegal foreign occupation and [a] poor sectarianism that threatens civil strugglefare (Ismael , 2007T herefore , it is possible to conclude that much(prenominal) a diplomatic intercommunicate was dictated not by hostility towards the get together States , and rather by a deep concern about the state of affairs in the region . Saudi drawing cards are substanti assistant aware of the fact that a fledged civil war in Iraq will severely expunge all the attached countries and result in a big movement of refugees , scotch stagnation , and diminished international temper for all the countries in the region . Therefore , the country believes it is serious to inform the get together States that they are not entirely quenched with the latest developments in IraqThere is another significant issue to retrieve about Saudi stance on Iraq . Being a predominantly Sunni Moslem nation , Saudis are unhappy with Iran-backed Shiites gaining more and more exponent in Iraq . Saudi Arabia and Iran share a history of long rivalry for the position of the regional leader (Byman , 2007 . This is the reason why Saudi Arabia is still re! liefive of the American troops staying in Iraq until the stance stabilizes to an acceptable level2 ) QatarLike Saudi Arabia , Qatar is alarmed by the deepening crisis in Iraq . The Emir of Qatar acknowledges the importance of a prompt cloture of the crisis for the regional stability . The major difference is that the Emir called upon the United Nations to get the leading role in such a resolution , while Saudi Arabia believes that it is the duty of the United States to bring peace of mind and stability to Iraq and voiced their support for Bush s `surge plans . At the General Assembly s 62nd annual ministerial meeting in September 2007 , the Emir of Qatar verbalise that Iraq was too big of a crisis to be considered the responsibility of the United States or the Coalition of the spontaneous , and this was seen as a admonition of the American policy in the Middle East , contempt the fact that Qatar is an important ally of the United States and hosts one of its largest milita ry machine bases in the region (Al Jazeera , 2007While Qatar maintains close relations with Washington , it was initially opposed to the report of American intervention and was reluctant to win necessary logistic support to the U .S . army at the initial stages of the cognitive process (BBC , 2002ConclusionConsidering...If you want to get a well(p) essay, order it on our website:

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