Thursday, January 9, 2014

Racial Profiling

` Racial Profiling I have been teased for my execute merely I have never been profiled before. A  hardly a(prenominal) plenty I mow have been but it didnt genuinely restore me until my close friend who happened to be Hispanic was and I was with them. Brian, is akin any average teenage boy who rules into stir up somewhat clock but never with the law commonly with his pargonnts for ticktock a C. He wouldnt ever do anything purposely intoxicating on the road but the cops who pulled him over equal clear-cut to give him a curfew ticket, a ticket for having a spark in his car, and a speeding ticket although he was red ink 2 miles above the speed limit. due to high-strung in-migration laws, cops in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are instantly 20 times more in all likeliness to arrest Latinos than they were 20 years ago (Head, 5). This making the Latino community much more likely to also get arrested for petty crimes. In Tom Heads word he expre sses that racial profiling is completely unjust, morally wrong, violates the ordinal Amendment, and does not piddle or solve anything. Head also includes in his bind that most Americans arent affected by racial profiling each because of where they live or because of the of color of their skin, which is legitimate to an extent.
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Thus, proving his point that it cannot get because so many people are unaffected or unaware which I agree with. With the Latino community on alert in the western united States, in Heads condition he proves that other stereotypes of other cultures almost the country make racial profiling an issue. For example: Puerto Ricans organism drug dealers in New York , Cubans being drug dealers in Miami, Haitia! ns, Jamaicans, and African Americans create crime in the south and in Northeastern and western cities. But without awareness, this problem cannot die overmatch it will only expand with its ignorance and can result in bloodshed. The best example of this, were the 1992 Rodney power Riots here in Los Angeles. This government issue was caused by...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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