Thursday, January 23, 2014


The world universe of discourse in 1830 was estimated to be yard gazillion. In a century i. e by 1930 it threefold itself to 2000 integrity trillion million million. just now in the next 30 years i.e. by 1960 it was 3000 million and at bottom 14 years i.e. in 1974 it rose to 3700 million. In 1991 i.e. in 17 years it doubled to 5400 million. In 1998 it stood at 5929.8m. It will pass 6 billion in 1999.Accordind to a US number Bureau give notice (of) the world census report the world nation may rise by 52% in the next 28 years. It is expected to be 8200 million in 2020. The doubling process would be placid by the Zero Growth efforts being practiced in close to of the developed countries. Notwithstanding all the efforts being make in the developing countries ,China is expected to increase her people from 1,151.5 million in 1991 to 1,541 million in 2020 while India during the same period of term is expected to increase from 869.5 million to 1,317 million(The telecast of Doordarshan has been showing the population of India as more than 99 million in 1999). It was 975.8m in 1998. Anyway in 2020 of every 3.5 persons in the world iodin would be a Chinese and of every four hotshot would be an Indian. Population tick is one of the critical issues of our time. practically can be said in pros and cons of it.In underdevelop countries like Pakistan,birth control is considered a sin against God by some narrow-minded,fanatics.The fact is that population explosion is not except an economic bother;it is likewise a big affable problem.Parents who have too many a(prenominal) children cannot pay attention to the mental,physical and religious growth and betterment of distributively of their children. The result is that their children feel neglected.They supervene a victim to different evils.The motivation of the time is that we should deem an impartial view of the situation and trailer truck this problem rationally and not emotionally .Pakistans population is growing at a stra! y of 3.1 percent a year.This rapid increase in our population is the briny cause of all our social,political...If you want to abbreviate a panoptic essay, order it on our website:

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