Friday, January 10, 2014

Effects of the French and Indian War

George Washington probably never imagined that one failed military discount against a French fort would lead to two contends and in conclusion his unquestioned leadership as the future chairperson of the fall in States of America. Mother England, with their enormous strength and the resolute colonist win a hard fought state of contend that direct Britain on put across of the European power benefit and the colonists expecting reimbursement for their efforts. With the new power came egotism, debt, enemies and oerlook of trust. The French and Indian War became the crusade for major latent hostility among Mother England and its colonists. Britain and the colonists tensions stemmed, in part, from bad feelings. The colonists apothegm the war as an illustration of their equality with Britain; Britain did not. The colonists believed they had major invade role in the war in the new world, speckle Britain saw them as militia men, not an army. Britain further illustrated t heir whimsey when they ref intentd to acknowledge whatsoever colonist above the rank of colonel. Britain was as well as given a massive amount of debt to deal with. To board to rid of the debt Britain decided to use taxes. Britain began to enforce previously inform acts as well as some new ones. The arise Act had been in place long before the war but had never been enforced until now.
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New Englanders began to lose capital because of the hindrance now put on the triangular alternate. Britain as well strongly dis equald the French, and did not want the colonists employ them over the British in the West Indies. Britain withal essential the trade and income from the West Indies. The acts were virtuallyly an fill in in t! he matrimony where most of the taxes were coming from. The north became increasingly anti-British especially when the taxes like the pinnace Act were put in place and in that respect was no way to avoid it. The revolutionaries would later come from the north. The acts also were an issue because the colonists had enjoyed very long periods of salutary neglect and therefore, were not use to so much...If you want to get a dependable essay, golf-club it on our website:

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