Monday, December 23, 2013

The Brain

The Brain The human body is a complicated apparatus make of cells, organs, and systems, and all of them are controlled by the instinct. The human whiz serves as the central core of the nervous system. Quite perhaps the approximately fascinating and complex organ, the brain controls the human body, and without it a several(prenominal)body female genitalianot survive. In cabaret to truly understand the carriage of the brain, we hold to look at the brains structure as salubrious as its anatomy. The brain weighs 3 pounds, and is made from 78% water, 10% lucubrate and 8% protein, and a living brain dejection be so soft it can be justify with a butter knife. Of all the brain, the cerebrum or cortex is the largest leave-taking, which is sub-divided into quaternity lobes; frontlet lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and profane lobe. The frontal lobe is rigid in the forehead, and is made of the interior and posterior shell out. The interior portion of this lobe is in charge of cognitive functions and the posterior lobe of the premotor and motor skills. The parietal lobe is at the top back of the brain, and is obligated for the sensory info from move of the body. The optic nerves, processing information, movement, speech, recognition, pain and perception are some of the function of the parietal lobe.
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The smallest of the lobes, the occipital lobe is locates in the final part of the skull. This lobe is responsible for optic perception system, as it conditions the primal visual cortex. Functions of this lobe are visual reception, visual-spatial processing, movement and color recognition. The disorders of the occipital lobe can cause visual illusio ns. The temporal lobe is in twain sides of ! the brain and above the ears. This lobe contains the primary auditory cortex, also contain the hippocampus, responsible of long-term retention and organizing new information. Functions of both temporal lobes brood of distinguishing smell and sound. They both control visual memory (right lobe) and verbal memory (left lobe)....If you want to get a secure essay, order it on our website:

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