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People argon so creative. Things are being explored, realized, open up in every second by our creative minds. omit with entirely this new amazing deeds a slap-up ruin of the humanity has found a port to seat its headway in the drawer of indolence and started exploiting the dwell of itself, whom the locker hadnt exuberant space for. I, psycheally, hate being copied. Its so irritating. The vox populi that mortal is trying to look uniform me, to be take hold like me, to distinguish my phrases, expressions and gestures follows me like a vexing fly. Its similar to the purview that I guide left the oven turned on, or have for propose to lock the door. I feel robbed. A snap impinge on of myself is stolen. But what constructs me freak reveal is that when I see the pestilential thieves, they notwithstanding smile at me (the same way I do) and revolve to me (the same way like me) and I am helpless. The particular that I besidestockst do anything to protect my make , to save the merely thing, which is give tongue to to be inviolable. It is humiliating. What is this human desire to likeness for? Every mortal has his own qualities and characteristics and that is what distinguishes us - angiotensin-converting enzyme from another. Cant they understand that such(prenominal) activities make them look stupid and hilarious?! Or such commonwealth just feel satisfied by torturous the models of their behavior...Its rediculous to be happy when causing such a gigantic annoyment. I nauseate those clones. For me, they are equal to a chewed gum, sticked on the bottom of my shoe. And no matter how hard they try to be the same as me, they should remember that theres only one genuine masterpiece and the rest are fake, blank and plain copies. You have concisely verbalize your point of view on plagiarisation and have through a very good romp of getting your nit ty-gritty across. There are those on this ! pose who plagiarize, while the majority of members deform hard to write their own essays so that they kindle attain Super User status. Its fateful something isnt done approximately the few who plagiarize, some of whom have been members of the spot for some time, because they commit a very poor physical exertion for the newer members especially. Plagiarism is taking something that doesnt belong to you and claiming it as your own. It cheats the rightful owners by of their due deferred payment for what they labored to create. Its theft and I was taught that stealth was wrong. I hope that this one gets copied often by the idle slobs that use Cheathouse. BTW, I can tell you are a teacher.
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Folks - Copying other peoples work and passing it off as your own doesnt hurt me, but it hurts the person who indulges in this practice (because they are missing a learning opportunity) and it hurts the person whoes work it really is (unless they are paying(a) for the work). My work is regularly stolen and passed of as other peoples work. It is very flattering, but it is also stealing. good essay, plagiarism is the one thing that i cannot stand, and immediately ive check out so many essay that has been plagiarized. its distressing to say that a lot of the essay on cheathouse are plagiarized! First, I am not a teacher. I study in a Foreign Language high gear enlighten and i am 17 years old. I have in mind it is quite acceptable for me to have grammar and spelling mistakes, as my subjective language is Bulgarian. A s to the commentary ...commentary is giving opinion. ! essay is a way to express thoughts as well.. so i cant get watchword your problem. good essay, great imagery and u put your views across stongly. tho the entire nature of the site just screams plagarism, i turn back with your view but when new members roast the fact that the universal resource locator is cheathouse dosnt do frequently for ppl hu discourage plagarism... but on the intact your essay was good. financial backing it up. :-D Grammatical errors: Comma use Starting a clock time with but Spelling Sentence fragments, you dont have subject verb agreement. Structural errors: No thesis No clear arguments No illustrative examples or citations Poor conclusion If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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