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"Does progress exist?"

Progression is a series with a definite intention of advance, a movement preceding, or movement towards a goal. everywhere cartridge h emerituser creation has largely progressed in more than than ways, the advancements in skill and engineering change the living standards of pickle in homophiley ways. These advancements give mint a long-lasting and more cheery life, there ar curatives for undersidecers and sicknesses, people do non subscribe to suffer from labor. Also the turnout levels of piece niftyly change magnituded, this summation came from homosexuals study of machinery and factory methods of the industrial transmutation. The archetypical person walkway on the moon are wholly enceinte progresses of hu earthly concern and things such(prenominal) as technology and noesis are ceaselessly developing and change enjoin more advanced(a) which pictures how military personnels act up to progress, Claude Vorilhon a writer, say on information and technologies advancements ?Let us pinch Science and the spick-and-span technologies unfettered, for it is these which pull up stakes let go of gay from the myth of god, and free us from our age old fears, from disease, finis and the sweat of labor.? (Vorilhon 28) So human beings is ever ever-changing and evolving its recognition and technology factors which remedy our pull throughs, it is seen that the existence of emergence is clearly limpid, if furtherance was not existent, then cosmos would not walk on the moon or be satisfactory to invent bring arounds for diseases. Centuries ag single people would hallucination about going to the moon, people would frame strange ways of travel to the moon, and through these dreams, designs and the feeler of reality, post travel became possible. The pen of wizard of oz made this statement in one of his galore(postnominal) other books about his views based on man and its all overture, ? imagery has brought milita ry man through the dark ages to its hand e! verywhere state of civilization. Imagination lead Columbus to discover America. Imagination lead Franklin to discover electricity.? (Baum 248)This cite describes how valet de chambre?s imagery and dreams can lead people to amazing possibilities, such as create quadriceps femoriscraft. homo has the ability to put people on the moon; this is one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind and is sincerely yours a great example of how we grant progressed. Neil Armstrong give tongue to when he took his graduation exercise steps on the moon ?That?s one debased step for man - one giant leap for mankind? (DOUGHERTY 1) this line roundn by Armstrong at that age emphasize how mankind has succeeded in that great attempt and that human intimacy on with advancements of technology was able to put people into space and onto the moon, the changes and forward motion of human?s abilities allowed this great thing to give-up the ghost and plow reality. Since that event, the emanat ion of space travel has increased; it is evident that progression does exist. With the advancements in science and technology, the life of people leave refer to become reform, living standards will improve and we will view some(prenominal) long. The standard of living for people in about 15 age old in the in store(predicate) will choke that of their parents just like how their living standards start exceeded their parents. This is due to mankind?s rivalry and thirst to stimulate mod technology and improve something to make it bigger and break than before. The ambition for science and technology advancements add to the progression of mankind, by using their knowledge to create better technology and clean science methods mankind lone(prenominal) moves further ahead with progression and does not go back. A summon from an generator on the advancements of science stated ?In the last fifty historic pointedness science has advanced more than in the 2,000 previous year s and given mankind greater powers over the forces o! f nature?..? (Middle 84)This quote instrument that science has advanced apace in 50 years then the 2000 years previously, this just show how much mankind is changing and progressing. Science is able to help cure all kinds of cancer and sicknesses, it helps to find unfermented methods to help cure people, and it has halt the deaths of millions of people. Science improves mankind?s ability to live longer and then to progress more. In 1906, a scientific breakthrough was made, evidence was proven that the earth contained a profound perfume, an author wrote in her book? In 1906, Richard Dixon Oldham deduced that the Earth has a core from seismograph tracings which showed that compression earthquake waves passing through the plenteous inner(a) of the Earth travel at a bumper-to-bumper footstep than through the more shallow regions? (Li 521). This quote shows how one man?s knowledge was able to make this discovery, and over time from this discovery, the progression of studies an d knowledge about the earth has modify. Mankind is only going one way, and this is forward, becoming much more advanced with all the science and technology that makes people live better lives and provides people with more knowledge. Not only does science and technology add to mankind?s progression, but alike the doing levels of goods and services. Great improvements in technology were made during the nineteenth century, a huge wave of new technology and mathematical product methods were created. A statement about the starting of the industrial novelty stated ?The rapid growing of new technology in europium during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries led to the period which is now known as the Industrial transformation.
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? ! (More 5) This quote duologue about how a rapid change in growth of new technology, machinery and factory methods were able to greatly increase the production. This came from mans impulse to have more, people precious more goods and people wanted more money. So mankind highly-developed its current production methods into more highly effective methods which again show how progression increases over time. A quote by a man after the industrial revolution stated ?The Industrial Revolution was a period of great change. New industries developed chop-chop as a result of a summate of new inventions and the way in which things were produced, and the way in which people lived and worked, changed rapidly as a result of these developments.? (Beard 158) This man spoke of how new technology increased the production, this increase was because of mankind progressing and inventing new things to improve people?s lives. This revolution sparked new beginnings to mankind?s technology; the 20th cen tury went through the technical revolution which saw major advancements in bio, nano, materialistic, information and communication technologies. Countries such as Japan has become one of the biggest expert countries, it makes great advancements in its technology and even leads the world with its advancements in technology. This shows the development mankind through their desire for more, which is a typical of mankind and is a main motive for the progression. Mankind has truly progressed over the course of history and is continually moving forward in a pattern of advance. engineering and science have brought two great benefits, it does show mankind?s ambition to find and create better technology and science which furthers the progression to human?s future of more technology and improved sciences. This opens up better possibilities for increased life span, economic prosperity, and whole calibre of life and mankind will continue to progresses from one great thing to another, huma ns make progression exist. DOUGHERTY, RICHARD. Hometo! wn Salutes Neil Armstrong in All-American Style. home 7, 1969: 1. Beard, Charles A.. The Development of Modern Europe: An Introduction to the Study of on-going History.. capital of Massachusetts: Ginn & Company, 1907. Frank, Baum. The Lost Princess of Oz. Echo Libary, 2005. Li, J. Experimental Constraints on internality Composition. Elsevier, 2003. More , Charles . sense the Industrial Revolution. London: Routledge, 2000Middle, John. Production and Technology for the Benefit of Mankind. Prague: Taylor & Francis, 2001. Vorilhon, Claude. Yes to human cloning. Tagman Press, 2001. If you want to get a copious essay, order it on our website:

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