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The purpose of penalty is non to torment a sure being, or to undo a crime [ simply] is none another(prenominal) than to keep pass on the criminal from doing further injury to society and to prevent others from committing the resembling offense. Ces atomic number 18 Beccaria. The prisons of straight off are very different than they were in 1790. Originally intentional by the Quakers and their sympathizers, they formed the Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of national Prisons. Prisons were knowing for criminals to be able to find God speckle in lonely confinement. Jails were employ to house criminals waiting for trials, not as a punishment. For those who committed petty crimes, corporal punishment was the only professedly form of punishment at the time. Facilities like the Tower of London, and The Bastille, were designed to house political prisoners and not as punishment for the roughhewn criminal. Even during the Civil War, corporal pun ishment, including death, was used in the unify States as the main form of punishment. non only the way that prisons is used, but the way they are constructed has changed dramatically. Today, well-nigh prisons use several levels of aegis to house gyps for example; the federal Beuro of Prisons has 5 levels of shelter. stripped certificate facilities are often cognize as federal Prison Camps.
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No residence name housing, low con to guard ratios, and limited or no fencing. Low security facilities have double fenced perimeters, they are carrell or dormitory style housing, and a raised inmate to guard ratio. These facilities are also more work computer programme based. moderate security facilities often have ! double fences with electronic contracting systems. The housing is not dormitory style usually, earlier they are individual cells. These types of facilities offer treatment programs, a higher(prenominal) inmate to module ratio and greater internal affirms than stripped and low security facilities. High security facilities with high inmate to staff ratio, control over inmate...If you want to get a full essay, secern it on our website:

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