Saturday, November 30, 2013

Marbuary vs. madison

This doing was supported by affidavits of the following facts: that notice of this motion had been habituated to Mr. Madison; that Mr. Adams, the late president of the joined States, put up the applicants to the senate for their advice and have to be appointed justices of the peace of the district of keen of South Carolina; that the senate advised and consented to the appointments; that commissions in due form were sign by the express president appointing them justices, &c. and that the seal of the get together States was in due form affixed to the said commissions by the deposit of commonwealth; that the applicants admit requested Mr. Madison to press home them their said commissions, who has not complied with that request; and that their said commissions are withheld from them; that the applicants have make industry to Mr.
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Madison as secretary of state of the United States at his office, for information whether the commissions were signed and sealed as same; that explicit and satisfactory information has not been condition in answer to that inquiry, either by the secretary of state, or whatsoever officer in the department of state; that application has been make to the secretary of the senate for a certificate of the nomination of the applicants, and of the advice and consent of the senate, who has declined well-favoured such a certificate; whereupon a befool rein was make to show cause on the quaternary day of this term. This rule having been duly served, Mr. Jacob Wagner and Mr. Daniel Brent, who had been summoned to attend the court, and were required to progress to evidence, objected to be sworn, alleging that they were clerks in the depa rtment of state, and not bound to describe ! any facts relating to the affair or transactions of the office. The court legitimate the... If you want to amaze a full essay, order it on our website:

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