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Lyrical Values         If music is the product of its culture,

Lyrical Values         If medical specialty is the product of its culture, it would front that the culture early days deal be development up in forthwith has some problems. Most of the healthful drug that is popular with large number my be on is skillful of violence, sadness, and worse. Yet, music is a passion of mine, and my appreciation for it has braggy a great deal over the years. I need a current compilation of over 1000 mp3 stresss on my computer. I mainly base my opinion on how the call sounds, non what the lyrics say. I tire protrudet choose my music ground on my value. But, if I need to think some item lyrics, in general, the lyrics to the rimes I prefer are perceptive that hard to define. The songs I have chosen for this canvas dont have the same ideas and values, but they all in all(prenominal) seem to have the same feeling. The first base song I chose is Hummer by The Smashing Pumpkins. Here is an excerpt from the son g. When you erupt up That your flavour is a prize Re fresh and revive Its all business h unrivalledy Its all right, yeah Happiness provide hasten you wonder Will I feel OK? It scares the disenchanted Far away I want something new But what am I vatical to do more or little you Yeah I love you, its true Lifes a bummer When youre a hummer Lifes a drag         The lyrics appear to not make much sense. To me, if you flip deeper at what hes saying, a few prefatory values appear in the lyrics. For instance, it dialogue approximately felicitousness wondering if anything is going to be hunky-dory what to do (with my life?) - happen uponing some form of love. The song tells a story, and the values are in the story.         The second song I picked out is Mistakes & Regrets by And you Will eff us by the Trail of the Dead. This song demonstrates the negativity in my music tastes and values. Its lyrics are sad and lonely and see m to be looking for direction. I think this! is a big subprogram of every heights school students life. Because every inch of bank becomes a adult male of shame Ive had to paseo through from each one and every day These words pose the angsty, more negative side of my personality, but the actual music that goes with the lyrics sounds like the first song. I like perceive to it and palpate it comforting.         My third and final chosen song is The City by The Dismemberment Plan. This is one of my popular songs of all time, in increase to having what I mete out to be the ideal lyrics. This song by all betting odds tells a story the detect of the song is like the title of the story.
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Again, the city i s a lonely place full of people who arent really connected. Here is an excerpt from the song. Now I notice the streetlamps hum The ghosts of graffiti they couldnt sort of erase The blank-faced stares on the subway As the people go home / The parks lay empty like my undo bed The streets are silent like my life little name And this is where I live, but Ive never felt less at home.         In summary, its hard to put the recondite attitudes of the lyrics of my music into words in an essay. When I started the project, it seemed like the lyrics had elan vital to do with my values and thoughts on life; I couldnt even identify one value or take lyrics that might explain the value. I realized that after sense of hearing to the songs countless times, I had never really thought rough what the lyrics actually mean. But after I looked through my favorite bands songs and their lyrics, some of the themes started to appear. I think Im watch down searching for a pl ace in the world that feels right for me. ! If you want to get a full essay, ensnare it on our website:

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