Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Carrie Farley Learning Activity 2 Louis xiv 2/11/2011 Louis cardinal Louis XIV came from a long line of royalty. His bit to become mogul truly came a little to begin with than planned. At the age of 5, Louis bakers dozen passed away and Louis XIV was conjectural to be king next, scarce since he was so young, he had a placeholder until he got older. Mazarin, a cardinal, held his place as king until he passed away. Mazarin make the uncouth a more miserable place and commonwealth started to rebel because of his rulings. Louis XIV grew up under his authority, and his torturous ship canal but was bracing enough to see past it. In which, he reckon out the difference between proficient and wrong and utilise this to govern the country subsequent. During Louis XIVs childhood, he did non have the proper education that was expected. He neer intentional Latin or any other(a) extra languages and math and accounting werent even considered. He learned a compo nent of natural skills such as horseback riding and later in life he was educated by make out rather than schoolbooks. In 1661, Louis XIV began ruling the country of France as their king. He promised the country that he would never allow them to be case-hardened the way Mazarin had treated them. He had seen how it hurt the country while growing up, hence he assured them, this would never happen again.
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He was ever aware of his duties as king and genuinely believed he was devoting himself to the reliever and safety of his country. Later on with Jean Baptiste Colberts help, he created an absolute monarchy. An absolute monarchy was a monarchical power that was uninhibited by instituti ons, such as churches, legislatures, etceter! a. This concept was a serve up like Louis thirteens governing with a few changes. With Louis XIV in control, the armies increased by size and extra corps were added. Louis XIV drug France through a lot of wars, and it was his fault that so many people lost their lives. On his death bed, he admitted his love for war but thither was no get that he...If you want to get a practiced essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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