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have it away CVolk October 26, 2008 MUS 252 Grand Canyon University bonk Jazz has its identicalities and its differences to medicine of old terms. Being able to have an busy in on the whole the different types of harmony and creation able to accept it is something that takes the parturiency of an unmarried. However, if one is willing to afford the effort they may sustain an interest in a style of melody that they may not have other than known that they enjoyed. Jazz is similar to medicament of preliminary eras in that it, like former styles carries a cycle per second. This characteristic of jazz rhythm is syncopation, which is accenting offbeats or an feminine beat. Jazz symphony catches the guardianship of the listener by the guidance the rhythmic elements be prescribe to relieve oneselfher. This is known as “ jolt”, and it catches the listener’s attention because it has a beat that you loss to tap your leg it to. Just like in previous eras where the composer put the written report together and then reviews it or practices it in front acting it so do jazz performers. Jazz music alike shows or creates emotion in its listeners just as previous eras had. It uses notes and words to create the emotion and it also uses the substitute in volume to do the same.
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Even with all the similarities amongst jazz music and music from previous eras there are some differences. Jazz music is one era that it is needful for the performer to be able to improvise. Previous eras did not take away this of the composer; they wrote the music and played it as it was written. Jazz music nookie be p layed as written, however it adds this type ! of music when the performer can improvise. Also unlike the innovational era of music Jazz music has a steady rhythm. In the modern era the rhythm of music changed throughout the piece. distributively era of music has its similarities and it differences and not everyone enjoys every style of music. If an individual wants to learn an interest and an acceptance of music it helps for them to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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