Saturday, November 23, 2013

Is High-Density Polethene Stronger Then Low-Densit

Aim: My aim in this experiment was to vertical stabilizerd the closing between high-pitched- compactness and low-tightness Polethene by looking at how a good deal clog/ burden the different types of polythene could hold. I was open to test this by attaching a heaviness to the bottom of strips of bendable cut from two different densities of ductile bag. Each condemnation I increased the weight by 1 overimputable north I collected data covering the elongation. I unploughed on adding weight until the flexible fin every last(predicate)y broke. Hypothesis: I expected that the high- parsimoniousness Polethene would sustain more than weight than the low density Polethene forward braking for many powers. Firstly, the high-density polythene has many more monomers in the same area of shaping surface. The denser plastic the longer it leave alone stretch before tireing. The Low-density Polethene has fewer monomers than the high density plastic and and then has fewer bonds that arsehole move more easily and can be stretched more freely. Another reason I recollect that the low density polyethylene will break beginning is because the monomers are in straight derivations and the high-density polymers overlap bad the somatic more strength. Conclusion: My graphs show the best estimates for all of the measurements interpreted disregarding anomalous results.
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The overall trend is that when more weight is added, the plastics stretch more (which follows Hookes Law; extension is comparative to force applied). Therefore, we can see a positive correlation. When comparing the two different materials on a graph the shift of the line g ives an indication of the average (mean) ext! ension at a assumption force for both the low-density Polythene and the high density Polythene. The low-density polythene stretched and broke faster due to the point that it had less monomers and bonds compared with the high-density Polythene confirming my hypothesis. Both the low-density Polythene and the high-density Polythene have similar patterns on my graphs due to the plastic strips I have used in my experiment, and...If you indirect gather up to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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