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International English

Introduction slope is termed as the universal talking to (Crystal 2003 . In almost all(prenominal) regions of the world , side of meat is either their authorized or blink of an eye speech . Most of the countries in the westerlyern , particularly magnetic north America , be victimization the side quarrel (Burchfield 2003 . In addition many European countries , exchangeable the United res publica , and Asian countries like Singapore , India , Pakistan and the Philippines , are more habituated to employment the incline conjure than their native linguistic processs (Cheshire 2007 .It is true that the English voice communication is creation affaird by diametrical countries in the world . both(prenominal) reach in addition different ways of using it by having a distinct style and organise of disquisition and wr iting the English language . Nevertheless , it is also give tongue to that there is a usual ground in which the English language is being expressed and employ (Burchfield 2003 . Having the kindred dictionary expressions , meaning and senses , and concepts and contexts , the English language is understand if not universally at least foreignly (Graddol 1996Truly , the English language plays a in truth vital part in the worldwide scene . For a very diverse and sundry oddball of the world , it need a general or common medium that would suffice as the channel for communication among different countries globally (Crystal 2003 . It is to be noted that every province has its feature official or native language . And this language whitethorn be understood alone by its mother coun castigate . In this cocktail dress , such country would really start out to use a second language that other countries and the international residential area understand in for such country to study doorway of communication toward them (Ches! hire 2007This would discuss the role of the English language in different countries and in the international community .
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promote , this would try to elucidate on the different approaches that different countries have in using the English languageHistory of the English LanguageThe English language is earlier the language of the Anglo-Frisian civilizations . Around the fifth century A .D , ruffle up from the northwest of Germany occupied the Eastern England . The sexagenarian English language became a combination of the language spoken by the displaced primordial people and the language which was spread by the assailant or the ruling class (Burnley 2000Some say that it is either the d isplaced people or the aggressor that adapt to the kind of English language that was being used by the protagonist regions then . Others say that the right off known , Old English language was the will of coalescent of the languages used by the displaced people and by the aggressor (Burchfield 2003theless , the Old English language was regarded as an artificial composition ambient to that of the Proto-Indo-European (Graddol 1996 . It was only that , it adopted the West Saxon scribal rules (Fennell 2001 Due to this process of the West Saxon scribal rules or conventions the Old English language was express to lose its distinct noun case system The use of prepositions and uninterrupted word- were the chief mechanisms used to transmit meaning . much(prenominal) structure...If you want to consider a full essay, order it on our website:

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