Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The Friendly Hero Some people slang diametrical opinions of what a hired gun is. Some people may specify it is person deal Superman, Spiderman, or Batman. When I think of a hero I think of my pop because he treats everyone like a friend, the second flat coat is because when he comes to baseball game tournaments with me he corrects me and makes me better, and the concluding reason is because he shows me powerful from wrong. Every time I have bypast somewhere with my soda water I have witnessed something not a lot of people would do, treat everyone like a friend. I have gone with my soda on business trips where he talks to amends and every impact he meets he talks to them like a friend. He stands up, shakes their cut into wherefore starts to visit with them. Then again I pass ruling you have to act like you are friends with a doctor for them to use your medicine. A lot of times when I get on a new baseball team my dad meets new parents and from d ay one he treats them like a friend. Even when he does not like someone he does not show that he does not like them. He treats them like a friend. This has been a great lesson for me because he taught me how to caseful friends with most people. Another reason I look at my dad as my hero is because he comes to all my baseball tournaments. When I am not doing something right he corrects me.
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It answers me when he does this because then I can correct myself and do things properly. He also video tapes me and makes me fix what I do wrong. sometimes when he corrects me I get frustrated because it feels like I am doing it right but other times I take it and apply the corrections to my game. When he does this it is going ! to encourage me in the long run because if a major alinement or college sc step up come to watch me they want a player that does things right. I am bright my dad points these things out to me because he knows what my dream is and he pushes me to be the best. The last reason I look up to my dad is because he teaches me right from wrong. From when I was little...If you want to get a full essay, recite it on our website:

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