Thursday, November 28, 2013

Book Report on Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley

Entry 1 I chose to rent Point buffet Point, which was written by Aldous Huxley, because I perk up read Brave New World originally and hoped that this record book would be of a similar nature to it. That is futuristic science fiction. However, from starting signal impression in the first a few(prenominal) chapters, this book turns fall out to be of a quite diverse genre than the first. The book is written in real quantify with human characters. The intrinsic and captivating language which is produced by slender metaphoric images, captivates the reviewer into wanting to read more, and ensures that the reader is non disappointed that the book does not more closely check the genre depicted by Brave New World. shrill expressions like the fiddlers drew their rosined horse-hair crosswise the stretched intestines of lambs serve to entice the readers help and captivate their imagination scour more. Already, within the first line, we have been introduced to one of the c haracters that will sure enough cause some conflicts ulterior in the novel. Her name is Marjorie Carling, and she is your unimaginative housewife type woman. In fact the other important character in the book, Walter Bidlake, her cooperator now, had this to say of her relentless rock about him going to a party: She has no rectify to do this sort of thing, no right to be so un sound.
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Why cant she be reasonable. Although this sounds like your average woman, the designer presents the interesting and remote root that perhaps something will change. Huxley excessively introduces a concept that I anticipate will run short a major theme in this book. It is brought up by means of t he contemplations of Walter Bidlake: A nobl! e end may justify shameful means, yet when the end is shameful, what then?. It is the fashion in which this is brought... If you want to arse about a full essay, magnitude it on our website:

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