Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ap Essays

A.P European History-Review topics for essays 15th and 16th Centuries 1. Discuss the geographical, technological and stinting factors that led to the rise of capitalism in 15th atomic number 6 Italy. 2. Discuss how Renaissance ideas are expressed in the art of the period. Refer to specific artists and works. 3. How did the Northern Renaissance express dissimilar ideas from the Italian Renaissance? Refer to specific artists and works. 4. What important ideas does Machiavellis The Prince and Castigli atomic number 53s The Courtier express about the Renaissance. 5. Explain how the status of women changed from the philia ages to the Renaissance. What expectations were there of women of high class. 6. What were the intellectual, social, political and economic factors that led Martin Luther to divergence the Roman Church? 7. What were the political and social consequences of the Protestant substitution? 8. Explain how the Catholic Reformation tr ied to counteract the Protestant Reformation. 9. Discuss other Protestant spark advance such(prenominal) as John Calvin, John Knox and Henry VIII. Under what mountain did these leaders break with the Church. 10. What factors and motives led to European exploration and expanding upon in Asia and the parvenu World. 11.
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Compare and contrast the revolt of the Netherlands and the 30 geezerhood War Focus on causes, ideologies and diplomacy. 12. Explain the causes and consequences of the European witch-hunts. 13. What uphold did European expansion have on the natural peoples of the New World? 14. Explain the rapid rise and slip by of Spain in the 16th & 17th Centurie s. What factors contributed Spains success! and failure. 15. check absolutism. How did Louis XIV, cock the Great, and Phillip of Spain put absolutism into practice? 16. What factors caused the Netherlands to be one of the leading countries during the 17th Century? What caused their decline? 17. What were the political, social, economic and religious...If you necessitate to derive a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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