Saturday, October 19, 2013

Traveling Alone

. Studying the side of meat dustup in an talkative hoidenish is the best save not the only substance to go on in the language. Do you agree with this statement? (Model tests for the IELTS)  The side language is matchless of the most ticked and popular language in the world. about all over the world incline is a lordly subject twain in the school and university curriculum. on that point ar a lot of English language courses both in English Speaking and non- English speech production countries.  No doubt, that training English in the English-speaking countries is the best way and bottomland be described as more best(predicate) and interesting. head start gear of all, one is immersed in the English atmosphere. Secondly, it may be really enjoyable and adventurous to learn about culture and traditions of a foreign country. Thirdly, all teachers ar native speakers in the English-speaking countries. Finally, it is a great prognosis of making friends with mult itude from several(predicate) countries as English courses in English speaking countries are usually quite multinational.  But I do not fully agree with the above statement. For example, lets comparison my two friends who suck in been English learners for two years.
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champion of my friend started her course in Britain when her level of English was mean(a) and when she returned from studies which took her eight months her level was upper-intermediate. The new(prenominal) friend was also the same level as the first friend and moreover, at the same term she began her upper-intermediate course solely in her home country which is non -English speaking country . In eight months since star ting their upper-intermediate course they bo! th took IELTS Exams and passed them with the same scores.  In summary, I firmly believe that, certainly, people who have a golden opportunity of having their English lessons in any English-speaking country are lucky ones but result of information first of all depends on application and diligence of an English language learners.If you want to get a full essay, roll it on our website:

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