Friday, October 18, 2013

Telemakos Character

In The Odyssey, Telemakos, the son of Odysseus and Penelope, as an infant was left at home with his mother firearm his incur left for Troy. years growing up Telemakos was faithful to his mother about maintaining his amazes landed estate while he was g hotshot. Due to non having a don figure as a child, Telemakos was a unsure and timid boy. It isnt long until he is presented with a problem, muddleing with the suitors. At first, Telemakos didnt know their intention, all the same in brief figured out they were postulateing to record Penelopes hand in marriage. Telemakos finally met with genus Athene for advice. After his meeting with her, he realized he had to diversity his personality and effect sterner and start taking control. People began to tire out Odysseus had died because no one had chance upond from him. Telemakos set out to deem an eye on Odysseus or natter if he was in time alive. They both arrived back in Ithaca, but Odysseus hid his identity at fi rst. Telemakos and Odysseus took on the suitors and won. Odysseus still had Penelopes heart, and they will locomote married. After Telemakos went on the journey to find his father and helped him fight the suitors, he showed his game display case. Throughout The Odyssey, Telemakos is a developing character; he begins as a shy and timid juvenility boy, but grows into a genuinely courageous man manage his father Odysseus.
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Odysseus leaves for Troy when Telemakos is an infant. Therefore, Telemakos never had a true father figure to look up to end-to-end his childhood. However, he did civilize care of his fathers estate and his mother while Odysseus was gone, but because his mother raised him he wasnt very outgoing. In the beginnin! g, Telemakos was a very shy and timid boy. He began having encounters with the suitors at his familys estate. I hear a agitate of suitors for your mother lives with you, uninvited, making trouble (451). Because Telemakos didnt know how to deal with the suitors his shy and timid personality was portrayed. He also knew thither was something he had to do to protect his...If you fate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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