Friday, October 25, 2013

Shakespeare's Macbeth - Fate is Unfair

After reading this climactic and literarily intriguing section of William Shakespeares venerated play, Macbeth, I started to laugh softly about the foolishness of Macbeths actions. The play capable with Duncans murder, for Duncan was too rely in his seemingly loyal subjects, namely, Macbeth and maam Macbeth. Later on, Banquo disoriented his life due to this immense face in a nonher, Macbeth. Finally, it is Macbeth at a time that falls after believing whole-heartedly in the witchs prophecies, for he trusted that his last would list only after Birnam Wood would come to his fastness and a man not born of a cleaning lady would kill him. The common connection that all these tierce dispatch characters defy is that they all trust everything for its face-value, not thinking orthogonal of the box and looking for hidden meanings. For example, Duncan and Banquo didnt notice Macbeths wild breakdown, beneficial like Macbeth trusted wholly in the witchs prophecies. Shakes peare, thus, is expressing that you cannot trust anything and you have to think creatively in place to not foolishly take everything for its face-value. If you do, as all these characters exemplify, your demise is certainly to come.         However, in my opinion, what Shakespeare is saying - never to trust anyone - is, in reality, quite sad. Where would you be in life today if you didnt trust in another(prenominal)?
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Doesnt teamwork, which is much better than working alone, require at least(prenominal) some levels of trust? Thus, I highly discord with Shakespeare, for social club needs to trust others in certain cases in dress for life to progress harmoniously. Wi thout any trust, everyone would be in a uni! form disk operating system of fear, much like Macbeth, ultimately leadership to ones collapse. Ones sense of security would be lost, and even a vitiate would have to be in a constant state of apprehension... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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