Thursday, October 10, 2013

Math - Lab 3

MA1310 Week 3 Lab Answer the side by side(p) questions to complete this testing ground: 1. State in a few words, what is an exponential office staff? * Functions whose equations contain a variable in the exponent. 2. What is the natural exponential function? * The logarithmic function with base e. 3. Evaluate 41.5 using a calculator. Round your answer to three denary places. * .125 4. The formula S = C (1 + r)^t models inflation, where C = the nurse today * C = 510,000 r = the annual inflation judge * r = .03 S = the inflated value t historic period from this instant * t = 5 aim this formula to solve the undermentioned problem: If the inflation rate is 3%, how much result a house now value $510,000 be worth in 5 years? S=C1+rt S=510,000 (1+.03)^5 S=510,000 1.035 S=591,229.78 S=C1+rt S=510,000 (1+.03)^5 S=510,000 1.035 S=591,229.78 5. Write 6 = log2 64 in its eq exponential form. * 26=64 6. Write 8y = 300 in its equivalent logarithmic form. * 7. Hurri cle ars argon some of the largest storms on earth. They are very low pressure areas with diameters of over 500 miles.
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The barometrical air pressure in inches of hydrargyrum at a distance of x miles from the eye of a severe hurri butt jointe is wear by the formula f(x) = 0.48 ln (x + 1) + 27. (Source: A. Miller and R. Anthes, Meteorology) a. Evaluate f(0) and f(100). Interpret the result. b. At what distance from the eye of the hurricane is the air pressure 28 inches of mercury? 8. Describe the quotient rule for logarithms and give an example. 9. Use properties of lo garithms to expand the chase: Submissi! on Requirements: Answer all the questions included in the lab. You can submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document, or throw out a line your answers on paper and then glance over and submit the paper. delineate the file as InitialName_LastName_Lab3.1_Date. Evaluation Criteria: * Did you return the appropriate go to solve the given problems?...If you want to arse around a just essay, order it on our website:

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