Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lexical Competence

LEXICAL COMPETENCE: LEXICAL AND GRAMMATICAL ELEMENTS. STRUCTURE AND word FORMATION IN ENGLISH. LOAN WORDS. ABBREBIATIONS, INITIALISMS AND ACRONYMS. USING GLOSSARIES AND DICTIONARIES TO DEVELOP acquirement STRATEGIES OUTLINE INTRODUCTION 1. The elements of the Lexicon 1.1. Grammatical elements 1.2. lexical elements 1. The structure of the Lexicon 2. fundamental aspects of English word-formation 3.3. tribe etymology 3.4. Back formations 3.5. Lexicalization 3. give-and-take-formation Processes 4.6. Derivational affixation 4.7.1. Prefixation 4.7.2. Suffixation 4.7. compounding 4.8.3. Noun Compounds 4.8.4. Adjectives Compounds 4.8.5. Verb Compounds 4.8. Conversion 4.9. Minor Processes of Word Formation 4.10.6. Reduplication 4.10.7. Familiarity markers 4. other(a ) Processes of Word Creation 5.10. Loan words 5.11. Abbreviations 5.12.8. Clippings 5.12.9. Initialisms and Acronyms 5.12. Blends or blending words 5.13.
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Eponyms and Toponyms 5. Using Glossaries and Dictionaries to Develop Lexical Competence termination Bibliography Introduction The ability to recognize and usage words in a address in the way that native speakers use them defines lexical competence. This is one subcomponent of another major competence cognize as linguistic, in addition grammatical, which is concerned with the mastery of the linguistic code, and that also consists, tally to the CE F, of grammatical, semantic, phonological, o! rthographic, and orthoepic competences. In order to develop lexical competence, learners essential spawn familiar with the lexicon of the language they learn. For this reason, it is important to analyze the nature, the sources and the elements of the lexicon of the language out front dealing with its elements, structures and processes. The term lexicon refers to the vocabulary of...If you pauperization to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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