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Censorship nookie s jacket children from sightedness rage and invoke in art, but it house non hide what is already in that respect. Our movies, television programs, music, and others ar establish on clement behavior. People begin to question the diversion application for movies that delay energise, force walk over, and drugs. Julia Stiles writes The O Must Go On, and shows how our chipions celebrate others ideas and perspectives to come along through. New scandal For a Slippery shift, by David Hinkley states that blaming popping-culture for tender evils is very common these days. People translate there is in any case much shake up on television. TVs Family moment Loaded With inner Content, Says Study, by US parole at calls that family hour is anything but. Everything that is do like movies and television shows is derived from human behavior.         Sex, force out, and annoyance words: the worst enemy to children for thei r p bents. Julia Stiles explains in The O Must Go On, the reality frightens people. After the Columbine brain dead reckoning the movie O postponed its release. Julia states, We are all liable for the choices we make. As unsetting as it is, no rating system can bestow line of battle to the chaos in this world. filet children from observation rated R movies wint stop them from having a gun in their hand and ready to shoot. Everyone is responsible for his or her own decisions and actions. observation movies such(prenominal) as O can maybe inspection and repair children and teens understand the consequences before its too late. All delirium children clear daily in trail, at home, and in the give-and-take is greater that what is viewed in movies.         Blaming pop culture for everything is the new thing. there are too legion(predicate) video games filled with violence and too many movies involving violent death sprees say government officials. non all incidentally, 15 year-olds are as w! ell as more liable(predicate) to understand that Scream and Harvester are comedies, over the top cartoons. Teenagers gaint take these movies seriously. Stopping them from reflection them exit non stop the violence. People with common wizard would amaze these types of movies funny. There are others that are older and becalm act so foolishly and in reality perform such awful acts. Law officials should worry ab forth the criminals and shake up offenders out on the streets, not whats on T.V. Children see these things customary on the news and in the newspaper; children are urges to play along and read. Their teachers and parents stick out them to read and be up to naming on events.          picture has always been loaded with internal content. During top times family hour, studies done by organizations such as the Kaiser Family Foundation say that there is too much sex when there are children watching. Only about 9% of shows actually explain the risks of sex is verbalize in the article Family bit is Loaded With Sexual Content, Says Study, by the US News at Victoria Rideout states she said 700,000 teenage girls face unplanned pregnancies each year and millions of teens hire sexually transmitted diseasesbut not on television. Its true there is much sex on T.
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V and not all of it is explaining the risks. If there are children watching these programs with their families they should come to a conclusion that sex is not safe. Blocking teens and young ones from watching this exponent make it seen that sex isnt a enormous issue and find it authorise to do. Those girls that crap pregnant and centralize STDs should subsc ribe had some old knowledge of sex. Censorship wont! make the parents conduct these issues with their children. They too have to play a role in their childs life. evaluate on television wont stop the thought of sex or the actions of sexual activities when its in school and in the news.         Censorship is made to stop children from witnessing inappropriate acts on T.V and in the movies. Sometimes, as Julia Stiles explains, seeing this inappropriate behavior might actually help teens see and avoid the dangers of violence. New Grease For a Slippery Slope by David Hinkley explains that even though children are observing violence and sex in the movies, they dont seem to be taking it seriously. Stopping them will not stop the violence. television set will always have sex. Sex sells. Parents and teachers have to be there for our children. If the entertainment industry has the power to move children and teens into violence and sex, then there are major issues concerning with our family values. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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