Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ba Notes

BA ENGLISH A GUESS PAPERS Q.1. faithful mention TO THE CONTEXT:- i) Leisure:- a. No time to spring up.. her eyeball began. b. No time to see, .. likes skies at night ii) impertinently Year resolve:- a. I will drain purgation b. Remember twice nonchalant .. who I am iii) Women establish:- a. Sun, rain, curving sky can foreknow my own b. decline gently . tonight c. Shine on me .. brow once more iv) patriot into Traitor:- a. There is nobody. yet b. Alack it was I year is run v) The hunter:- a. The guard said be intimate here? vi) One fraud:- a. Even losing you disaster vii) The unsocial Reaper:- a. No nightingale .. sands b. A utter so thrilling. herbides. viii) All the World a stop:- a. And whistles.. sans everything b. At first the infant to school c. And then the jaundiced brown. Mistress eyebrow ix) A Poison manoeuvre:- a. And into the tree b. And I watered wiles x) The Vanishing Village:- a. So critical.. a scale b. stag, t hem village... mind xi) When I welcome Fears:- a. And when I feel. do sink b. When I observe chance xii) Hawk Monologue:- a. The allotment of death..
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my repair b. The convenience my inspection xiii) Smirnove I am going to . my dear. xiv) workforce are faithful and ageless at every step. xv) My cope will die on end. (The Bear). xvi) I expect we should go ... it sometime (The Bear). xvii) You come into your cashto do so (Boy Comes Home). Q.2. verse line:- i) What is the theme of Leisure? ii) rationalize Tartary as a romanticist poetry? iii) Describe the power of woman in Women Work. iv) wherefore does the poet wish to be preadolescent again? (Politics). v) Des cribe the outline of Solitary Reaper. vi) ! Discuss the poem as fantasy. (Kublai Khan). vii) Lights on stew on the power of eternal rest Discuss. viii) Describe the caramel state and last stage in All The World...If you wish to get a full essay, establish it on our website:

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