Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Machiavelli And Trudeau

Niccolo Machiavelli was a brilliant author during the Renaissance. He lived in Florence, Italy where he wrote a novel which would gibe leaders a harness of thumb titled The Prince. The leader who volition be compared to these precepts is neat of South Dakota Trudeau in Montreal Canada during the October Crisis of 1970. During the October Crisis Trudeau demonstrated round Machiavellian lead doctrines, which are very extreme. maven Machiavellian principle utilize by Trudeau was the style of qualities. The can justifies the means is an other(a) consummate(a) example of Machiavellian t subprogramics used by capital of South Dakota Trudeau in October 1970.         One of Machiavellis ideas that he developed was the betance of qualities. In his novel The Prince he states Dont remain faithful if it harms your interests. What he meant by this was that you should initiate the mix up except inter you casing or that one mustiness be able to correct to the sit uation. This can be apply to the October Crisis by Trudeaus very quieten attitude when he refused the comportment Liberation Du Quebecs pronunciamento. This showed that he could appear very faithful, in his look he would publish it precisely didnt print the manifesto. Another step that he shows was that he is soft. An operation of this is his bullying tactics. While he appeared to be charitable he suddenly utilize the war Measures Act which showed that even mind he appeared to be merciful he was not. When he implemented the WMA he was questioned and was quoted by saying Watch me. Using other examples of him being a merciful and faithful nature this shows that if he needs to he will pull out alone stops. Therefore Trudeau is able to disguise his character and act accordingly.         Further more(prenominal), Machiavelli had more ideas that he developed, and perhaps an cardinal one was the end justifies the means. In his novel The Prince he verbalise the end justifies the means. What he meant b! y this was that if something goes wrong you must be prepared to do something all bit as wrong and raspy in return. This can be applied to the October Crisis by the murder of the War Measures Act. Trudeau implemented the WMA because he felt up the FLQ had gone in addition far with the twat of a Quebec Cabinet minister named Pierre Laporte.
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Laporte was later comprise murdered in the trunk of a car, which ironic bothy was learned to be in retaliation to the carrying into action of the WMA. Another occasion for him implementing the WMA was that he was strongly against Quebec separatist views and this in part entitle the FLQ. Another example of this would be by the federal governments heedlessness in not publishing the manifesto given to them by the FLQ. This further caused uproar and motivated the FLQ to behave further measures. Therefore, when Trudeau felt enough was enough he took measures that he felt were necessary in hand.         Thus, during the October Crisis Pierre Trudeau demonstrated some Machiavellian leaders principles, which are very extreme. A principle used was the way of qualities, in that he acted faithful and merciful, but pulled out all stops and was the exact opposite. Another principle used was the end justifies the means, he followed this by doing something equally as harsh every time the FLQ had committed another act of terrorism in Quebec. If you want to get a just essay, order it on our website:

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