Thursday, September 5, 2013

Compare Contrast

Running head : SELF EVALUATIONNameCollegeCourseTutorDate IntroductionTo be very proficient at the beginning of this line I thought I was a natural writer and did non need oft book binding to improve on my skills However over the charge I have found fall by that what I considered my skills was enigma code more than amateur attempts at writing . From the comments on my es declares by the omnibus to comparison of my friends s I agnise that I has a long agency to go forward I could be called a prolific writer . I did my essays the way I thought best and they of all time seemed to add back marked with comments or given a scant(p) track . At get-go I felt that the motorcoach had something against me so I asked for a meeting with him to lay down things straightened give away . He patiently explained to me the errors I my writing and tipped me that up to now the best of went through a period of rearing . The ideas whitethorn come naturally but the style ineluctably to be developedI noticed that a lot of my sentence structures were pathetic . I would string the words together in such a way that they were not only incoherent but grammatically incorrect . Most of my sentences stated with the word , `the or `this which make the essay a boring piece of belles-lettres . underdeveloped a plot was another of my weaknesses . I tended to give to a fault many plots and characters that it was easy for the reader to get mazed after(prenominal) the first few pages . Before I began the quarter I thought I knew how to critique an phrase or support . I realized that I did not when the first article critique that I did received a grade D . I do not lose anticipate slowly and remain determined to improve on my skills so that at the end of the quarter I could confidently say that I have learnt somet hing .
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I believe that do not unless happen they are made by continuous bringing up and practiceMy early essays did not reelect any planning on my part . The ideas did not flow through the rather they came off at you in a disorganized manner . I remember doing an essay about the American constitution and the disharmonious amendments to it . While proof reading it , I realized that I had spent two pages discussing the reasons why the constitution was drafted and only half(prenominal) a page on the amendments . This clearly showed that I did not draw up an outline before beginning the hold back . I had to redo it because it was already due I wooly vital marks for lateness . Another weakness I had at the start of the course was that of being wordy and using a lot of clichys . The tutor has taught me that the essays need to be written in a proper format that explains the issues without being verbose . ab initio I was of the opinion that clichys add extra marks to...If you essential to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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