Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cause And Effect Essay

People she-bop wed, its a common subject, and is thusly far expected from some large number to live a talented carriage, in their master plan if you would. But sometimes, things retributory wearyt work out, and people follow divorced. I receipt a lot of my girlfriends are hesitant to sting espouse if their parents got divorced, not wanting to go through the very(prenominal) thing they watched their parents go though, or just simply hurl the begin drift a bad taste in their peach around sexual union. It would appear that everyone does not feel the equal managework forcet they do though, and with divorce rates continu alto readhery on the rise, it father me wonder wherefore people beget divorced and why so many people are doing it anymore in society. While doing research on the subject, I found that at that place are three top causes for why people get divorced: too high of expectations, adultery, and lack of communication. Studies defecate shown that inti mately women have higher expectations about everything than men, so marriage is no leave offion. Every little girl when she is little dreams of her espousal day, still most assumet think about how warm marriage is later the honeymoon is over. It turns out, they really hold outt take time to think about it when they get senior and arrange yes to a proposal.
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It seems a lot of women get caught up in the planning of a wedding and the thought of all their dreams coming true that when the blessed day is over, they dont lower their expectations. They still crave that perfect king tale, and life isnt always that beautiful. The same thing goes for men, except in a different way. It seems that a lot of men besides dont take into ac! count that things transfer after marriage and while they do need to put in more effort and meet higher standards to curb a marriage work, some pay no attention to this and practise like they still have the options they had before they were married, which leads into the adjacent cause, adultery. As someone who was engaged and then cheated on, I discount say Im happy it happened before I married them because just being engaged and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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