Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Vagabond" by Agnes Varda

roll by Agnes Varda The character of Mona in Agnes Vardas roll stunned is intention in ally ambivalent. Very little of her memorial is revealed, except it turns tabu that Monas past is not important. What matters atomic number 18 her interactions with the plenty she meets and their reactions to her lifestyle. I was pleasantly surprised by the film makers prime(prenominal) to frame the story in a mock-documentary style, as if the soulfulness behind the camera is investigating into the life of this girl, that alike features to film inside the memories of the people who met her. This gives the film an hazard to devour a rare objective stance, neither approve nor pass judgment of Monas lifestyle choices but allowing the new(prenominal) characters and the audience to make up ones mind for themselves what they thought. When the story begins, we propose the dead body of Mona, the main character, effective after she has polar to death. We then hear the vo iceover of a woman, immovable to find out much about this girl, and a whirl of her emerging from the sea as the voiceover says I think she came from the sea. Mona comes and goes as she wishes, relying sometimes on the kindness of strangers but never reversive the favor. Usually, however, she relies on herself. In the first few scenes, it is easy to appreciate, if not admire, Monas lifestyle.
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She is free, as one woman says. She doesnt grow to answer to anyone or anything but her own needs, and thats something we all want, right? why doesnt everyone live this way? As the film continues, it is ready that Monas life is a mirror for those around her. though the anonymous young woman envie d her emancipation and Yolande envied her l! ove life, the more we learn about Mona, the more people around her shame her and are disgusted by her. The herder man is a perfect examplehe sees his origin life in hers and tries to save her, to make her learn from his mistakes, but of course, she refuses. The tree scientist takes benevolence on her, giving her the opportunity to modify her life,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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