Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Outsiders

I have serious entered the indexdom of Mali where famous king Mansa genus Musa lives. Musa was a Muslim and introduced Muslim culture to the plain. In 1324, he made a 3,000 mile journeying to Makkah, and change magnitude the prestige and power of Mali. He had 12,000 servants on the journey, for each unrivaled one carrying bars of aureate. And he gave away oft of this tremendous to poor people on the way. He brought back a Spanish architect to his big(p) at Timbuktu. That city became a center(a) for Muslim art and architecture. Eventually, Islamic influence ameliorate customary education, written records of business and law, and craft. peerless geographic lark which shape the country of Mali is its location. Mali is situated on the east bank of the African continent, and is situated in the midst of the southern money mines, and the Union salt mines. Under the regularize of Mansa Musa, Mali gained control of the trade wind routes to and from these mines, and the country also extended its borders to the Atlantic Ocean. They then(prenominal) engaged in trade with sea traders from Asia, and Europe, exchanging goods such as cloths, rugs, metals, and coral. With this cultural diffusion, a blending of African and Arabic languages resulted in the creation of the trade language, Housa. Mansa Musas hale combine in Islam prompted him to frame of reference mosques, as well as schools.
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The capital of Mali, Timbuktu, quickly became a large center for the Muslim community. Goods glide slope the Mediterranean shores and salt were traded in Timbuktu for gold. The prosperity of the city attracted both(prenominal) black scholars, blacks merchants and Arabs traders from nitrogen Africa. Salt, books and gold were very much in demand at that time. Salt was came from Tegaza in the north, gold, from the huge gold mines of the Boure and Banbuk and books, were the refined serve of the black scholars and scholars of the Sanhaja descent. Mali is from the African kingdoms and its cognise for creation good at trade. Its always deprivation to be remembered for all its achievements do by...If you want to get a honest essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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