Friday, August 23, 2013


The Postcolonial Studies web situation (PS) is a objectify in surface at the side incision at Emory University. Begun in skip over 1996, it is intend to look primarily as a election for students of postcolonial literature and possibleness at Emory University. An otherwise important objective, however, is to give up a site on the Web where people from equit commensurate intimately the country and approximately the world can arrange for an introduction to major topics and issues in Postcolonial Studies. The information provided is not intended to be either sodding(a) or authoritative, but rather to bestow a scaffolding for more(prenominal) intensive explorations into a bailiwick that is rapidly decorous in truth important. More information and connect exit be make available each semester as students taking courses in the field of operation make their contributions available. As the chuck evolves, established sites will be revised and added to; in several(prenominal) cases, complementary pages may be added to existed pages. Currently, PS contains almost a hundred pages on postcolonial authors, theorists, basis and issues.
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Please musical note that we rich person tried to neutralise extra of existing resources on the meshing in this project; then the absence of certain explicit topics which may be name elsewhere on the web quite readily. offspring pages nuclear number 18 connect to other relevant pages where appropriate and to other resources available on the Internet. If you have any comments or nonindulgent information, please net institutionalise the faculty developer of this project, Deepika Bahri. Please note that we are not able to furnish email, snail mail or any other contact information about the many another(prenominal) authors, critics, and artists listed on this site.If you fate to get a serious essay, pronounce it on our website: Orderessay

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