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This comp ars and contrasts the rime of Walt Whitman and William Carlos Williams . The first law of similarity that is unembellished between the poetic styles of these dickens poets is the skillful employment of imagery and emblemic re birthationism . The eye blink similarity concerns the circumstance that their poetry is profoundly metaphysical , delving into mingled subjects of smelling and death , beauty and loyalty , as surface as man s place in the realism . as merely in ground of elegant form , the two poets argon similar , since of them utilise traditional meter in almost of their metersChief thematic preoccupations argon besides the comparable for the two . For theoretic account , one of the primordial al argonas both Walt Whitman and William Carlos Williams operose on is record . some(prenominal) poets practice session character as token . William Carlos Williams uses nature as a symbol in his verse ` chute and each(prenominal)`[B]ushes and sm all trees . enter the spic-and-span adult male cutting / cold un real of all / save that they enterClear parallels with mankind give birth and conduct-time can be pinched . only speaking of nature , it is necessary to respect in mind that Whitman and Williams belong to various artistic traditions . Whitman idealizes nature , he believes in the ultimate sensation of a Man and nature . thus far same(p) Williams , Whitman to a fault has a unique cognitive content to show the reader shell out in the author s visions of the institution . His dear for feel and nature is amazing and even a cow dung opulent and naive approach does non destroy this visionRomanticism proclaims the p cherry-redomination of inclination every(prenominal)place reason and all over the sense of fact or the actual , and we read this means between the limns of Whitman s `Leaves of ca-ca He does non want to rear the reader with a lite and complete account of the border valet til now he sees some involvement special and unique in perpetuallyy paging , in every ray of sun` pass away me the small silent sun , with all his beams full-dazzling Give me naughty fall-flowering fruit , ripe and red from the orchardAnd later in this numbers we read : `Give me judicious corn and wheat - consecrate me serene-moving animals , teaching contentWe should excessively keep in mind that Whitman is transcendentalist , and this philosophic trend is characterized by oneness with nature and the intangible gentlemans gentleman in general . A Man and Nature atomic number 18 equal and interdependent in the ongoing cycle of life and death reason desire a spliceion with the population has always been a exchange theme for Whitman . In the poem `A quiet , patient spider the wanderer is use as a symbol of man s mortal . proficient like the roamer , the soul is willing and able to clutch for the moment to fix that is discipline to begin its journey . only also like the roamer s vapourish , the soul is indefensible and fragile . This is an employment of a private implication of a symbol since spider and gossamer make Walter Whitman contemplate or so his own life and destinyIn terms of poetical devices , Walt Whitman s poetry features an long use of them . obscure from symbol , in the poem `A Noiseless , Patient Spider repetition is utilize to raise additional wildness over the overall meaning of a line`It dump d forwards strand , filament , filament , out of itself or ` touch , surrounded , in numberless oceans of spaceApostrophe is utilise in the undermentioned line`And you , O my spirit , where you standApostrophe is an address , both to soulfulness who is absent and therefore cannot detect the speaker or to something nonhuman that cannot comprehend Apostrophe often provides a speaker the probability to cerebrate aloud Author s Soul is viewed as a name being to which the poem is addressedAlso vowel rhyme (as the repetition of internal vowel sounds , in this particular exercise , `ee , in near words that do not end the same , is evident in the following line`Ever unreeling them - ever inexhaustibly speeding themAnother important literary device used in the poem is hyperbole exaggeration is a boldly hyperbolise statement that adds emphasis without intending to be literally sure .
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It is present in the following lines` contact , surrounded , in countless oceans of space / Ceaselessly mvictimization , venturing , throwing , - seeking the spheres , to connect themThe statement closely `measureless oceans of space whitethorn be viewed as overstatement , and Soul has no unbent ability to connect the spheresWilliam Carlos Williams also used a conformation of literary devices in his poetry . In the poem `Spring pull hyperbole is used in the following lines`[R]rain go and falls / as if it would never endMetaphor , as a comparing of two unlike things , is used by Williams in the poem `To fire up an old LadyOld age is / a escape valve of small / cheeping birds / plane / strip down trees / above a ampere-second glazeWilliam Carlos Williams is a vocalization of modernity and Imagism Imagism was a rebellion against the romanticistic tradition of using abridgment language and preoccupation with metaphysical subjects . Imagism sought to alternate it with accurate and powerful images coupled with miserliness of language . This is also sure of Modernist tradition that tried to snap on `things i .e . plain facts of life , rather than creep notionsIndeed , the most remarkable dissimilitude between the two poets is that Walt Whitman broadly addressed achromatic , pilfer , and philosophical matters , while William Carlos Williams spy everyday life of car park citizens , mostly relying on the date he acquired as a physician and told their stories with a deep personal attain , yet also with a certain degree of initiation in to make his poems have a universal appealWilliams also essential his own style referred to as `variable instauration It implies that the lines are of different lengths and are organized in a nearly-geometrical patternHowever , the thing that unites the two poets is their skillful use of language to find an arouse message of the wonders of life and the world surrounding us . They are also considered to be among the most prominent poets who wrote cease verseReferencesWhitman , Walt . The boom Poems . New York : Penguin Classics , 2005Williams , William Carlos . Selected Poems . Library of the States , 2004 ...If you want to clear a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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