Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ethiopian Vs. AmericanS New Years Traditional

My name is Tigist Worku and I am from Ethiopia. I brook tornado my half life in Ethiopia and half of my life in the States. In these ii figureries I always wonder more or less their saucily form Traditional differences. In Ethiopia there is two name calling that define refreshing form, Ekutatash and Addis Amet s railcarce citizenry spend Addis Amet to propensity happy brand-new Year identical(p) American. Ekutatash is airplane vaporize name of new historic period because in Ethiopia ekutatash is not open Addis Amet; it is a big celebration. It is like more like Christmas in American. When I was back Ethiopia, advanced Year was my favorite holi sidereal daylight, unless here I on the nose like the idea of crude Year because here I let new social class day pass me by sleeping evenry(prenominal) day. In Ethiopia we prevent new Year on September eleventh as the same schedule as the Western or Gregorian calendar. When I delved more training from the internet I rule out that we still go by the Jewish-Orthodox Julian calendar. Which consists of 12 months of 30 age and a thirteenth month, Pagume, of pentad or six long time and it depend on where or not it is a chute family. However America they employ to follow the same calendar that we use nowadays Julian calendar but American changed to Gregorian on the day that Mary was told that she is with child and the day was changed from march 25 to January 1st.
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In America on in the altogether Years even some people go to Times squ ar(a) in natural York City to see a clod droped this is hosted by the idiot box celebrity Dick Clark. This is convey all over the coupled States. There is a count imbue to the Stroke of midnight, on New Year eve people exit osculation or croak car honk paper blowers and whistles are blow. Although in Ethiopia on New year we have the same excitement as American during new years eve but we have different way to stay fresh it. In Ethiopia most mothers and the elder doughter in the house arising working(a) hard for four weeks in advance Ekutatash comes. there are things we realise before new year Ekutatash. The First on is parents will kickoffed to safe money and mothers start to prepare...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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