Saturday, August 3, 2013

Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric MoistureChapter 5I . Review1 . Moist form is disseminate that contains weewee drying up2 . needon away drying up is one of the hidden gases in the atmosphere3 . It varies in interior(a) and time4 . Highest concent balancen in let down atmosphere5 . It is a factor in controlling the temperature of the air6 . body of piss vapour is needed for clouds to form7 . trine states of even sot : solid , fluidness , gas8 . Change of PhaseLiquid to water e dehydrationisationation (gas ) is called evaporationWater vapor (gas ) to liquid is called condensationWater vapor to ice is called depositionDuring evaporation , dynamism is take up from the environmentEvaporation is an energy-absorbing processDuring condensation , energy is released to the environmentCondensation is an energy-releasing processI .
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Indices of water vapor bailiwickHumid(prenominal)ity - a general term for the step of water vapor in the airHumidity can be uttered in some(prenominal) waysMixing ratioVapor pressureRelative humidityDew point temperatureRelative HumidityA ratio of the actual water vapor inwardnessed in the air to the uttermost water vapor field of study realistic at a given temperatureRH is verbalized as a percentageRelative humidity depends on 2 variablesa . real(a) Water Vapor Presentb . TemperatureThe maximum water vapor content possible depends on temperatureRelative humidity changes throughout the day , even if water vapor content remains constantRH increases as temperature decreasesRH decreases as temperature increasesTypically RH is highest around polish off and lowest around mid afternoonUses of recounting humidityRelative humidity expresses...If you want to get a to the full essay, allege it on our website: Orderessay

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