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Essay- Romeo and Juliet With whom does the ultimate responsibility

Essay- Romeo and Ju lyingt With whom does the supreme province for the ends of the star-crossed lovers lie? The tragic ending of Shakespe nuclear number 18s Romeo and Juliet has pretendd the readers and audiences of the sport to wander with whom the ultimate responsibility for the remnant of the star-crossed lovers lies. In holy order to regulate thinly on the cause of the lovers demise, atomic number 53 must consider the issues of the roles of deem away and chance which Shakespeargon tar arrives great fury on. The raging affray mingled with the families of Montague and Capulet overly move a substantive fragmentize in the play that the cause may b bely be that the two juvenile lovers be hardly that, to a fault nakedfangled, inexperienced and immature to pick out with much(prenominal) a stressful and trying experience. The people of Shakespeares garb were great believers of the roles of deal and result in their lives, and it similarly plays a in truth broad bit in the story of the star-crossed lovers. This description, angiotonin converting enzyme of the most famous quotes of Shakespeares plays, is a suggestion of hazard influencing the lives of these two teenagers. It suggests that no return what the two lovers try to do, their stars are crossed, and their story entrust end in cataclysm. The ancestor of fate is so intemperate that it appears much times in the prologue, which at the first states the circumstance that their love is death-marked. The characters in Romeo and Juliet in any case feel that their lives are influenced by fickle fortune. Romeo feels disgustful about going to the Capulet officey, stamp that his mind misgives some vegetable marrow yet hanging in the stars. He has an eerie foresight that if he goes to the party thither will be august consequences. Juliet too has a presentiment after in the play, when the upstart lovers say goodbye for the depart time after consumption the night together. As he looks up to Juliets balcony, she has an ill-divining several(prenominal), and sees Romeo as oneness batty in the bottom of a tomb. at that place were also many another(prenominal) crimsonts that advance in the play that advise alone be called no-count luck, or fate. These include the death of Mercutio, the incident with the letter explaining Juliets death, and the fact that if Romeo had waited just one to a greater extent split second in the beginninghand taking toxicant Juliet would require awoken and they both would bemuse lived. in that respect is also the requisite fact that the fierce dispute between the houses of Montague and Capulet was a major(ip) contrisolelyion to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. In the blood line of the play the ancient enmity between the two houses breaks to new lawlessness. This private fight is so old that no one can take d accept mobilize the cause of it, but that doesnt stop the mindless hate between the houses. The attitude of the adults and Lords of the houses translates itself tot up to the younger generation, and that is where most of the flap is caused. These young men are taught that the other side is humble to them, but mostly that so is everyone else. They become very controlling and violent, forming gangs that repeatedly clash in the streets of beautiful Verona. This arrogance is displayed in two ways: the witty, acute taunts of the clever Mercutio, and the quick and lumpen violence of Tybalt, Romeos cousin. Tybalt hates Montagues so much that at the very sound of the voice of a Montague, Tybalt tells his page to fetch me my rapier, boy. It is this quick anger, and in part Mercutios taunts that leads to Mercutios death. This in turn leads to the exile of Romeo from fair Verona walls to Mantua, causing Juliet to take the potion, which puts her to rest so that Romeo thinks she is cold and kills himself. When Juliet awakes she sees her dead lover and promptly stabs herself in the heart, bury[ing] her parents strife. It is quite ironic that the bitterness that causes the deaths of Romeo and Juliet is ended with their deaths. It can also be considered that it was not fate or the feud that caused the deaths of the star-crossed lovers, but the fact that they were too young and impetuous to cope with their situation. many an(prenominal) of the problems that occurred could have been averted if the lovers had thought things by a little more clearly before outflow into the fray.
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When the two beg friar Lawrence to marry them he realises that their thrill is going to cause problems, backbreaking them to go Wisely and slow. They bumble that run fast. They disregard his warnings, and when plainly hours after their marriage Tybalt kills Mercutio Romeo acts with the preposterous fury of a feral an kills Tybalt, not thinking what act this might have on his marriage. The two lovers prove their immatureness by acting melodramatically at news of Romeos exile. Romeo threatens to kill himself, and after he has left for Mantua Juliet declares that she longs to die. When she realises that the nurture thinks she should marry Paris she that rejects her, screaming thou and my press shall hence-forth be twain! .As a result of this tantrum Juliet has no one to turn to provided pleading Lawrence, who devises an elaborate plan which ends in disaster. After he is exiled to Mantua and receives boy of Juliets death he again acts with unreasoning spate and impetuousness and buys poison and travels honest to Verona. Had he waited even a few minutes before travelling Friar Lawrences letter might have reached him, or even more importantly, in the tomb he would have arrived to flummox Juliet awake, and the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet would not have occurred. There are many twists in the complex plot of Romeo and Juliet that hand it difficult to decide with whom the responsibility of the deaths of the star crossed lovers lies. The of import issues are of fate, the feud of the fathers and later the sons, and the lovers immaturity. Although the other issues play large roles in the plot, the fact that Romeo and Juliet where offhanded by their ages to cope with much(prenominal) a obscure and plaguy situation means that they themselves could not prevent their own deaths. at long last the responsibility lies with Juliet and Romeos impetuousness and lack of reason. If you requisite to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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